Duncan Kimuyu
Duncan Kimuyu
Karatina University
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Moving in the Anthropocene: Global reductions in terrestrial mammalian movements
MA Tucker, K Böhning-Gaese, WF Fagan, JM Fryxell, B Van Moorter, ...
Science 359 (6374), 466-469, 2018
Lessons on the relationship between livestock husbandry and biodiversity from the Kenya Long-term Exclosure Experiment (KLEE)
C Riginos, LM Porensky, KE Veblen, WO Odadi, RL Sensenig, D Kimuyu, ...
Pastoralism: Research, Policy and Practice 2, 1-22, 2012
Native and domestic browsers and grazers reduce fuels, fire temperatures, and acacia ant mortality in an African savanna
DM Kimuyu, RL Sensenig, C Riginos, KE Veblen, TP Young
Ecological Applications 24 (4), 741-749, 2014
Conservation lessons from large‐mammal manipulations in East African savannas: the KLEE, UHURU, and GLADE experiments
JR Goheen, DJ Augustine, KE Veblen, DM Kimuyu, TM Palmer, ...
Annals of the new York Academy of Sciences 1429 (1), 31-49, 2018
Negative effects of cattle on soil carbon and nutrient pools reversed by megaherbivores
J Sitters, DM Kimuyu, TP Young, P Claeys, H Olde Venterink
Nature Sustainability 3 (5), 360-366, 2020
Synergistic effects of fire and elephants on arboreal animals in an A frican savanna
RM Pringle, DM Kimuyu, RL Sensenig, TM Palmer, C Riginos, KE Veblen, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 84 (6), 1637-1645, 2015
Influence of cattle on browsing and grazing wildlife varies with rainfall and presence of megaherbivores
DM Kimuyu, KE Veblen, C Riginos, RM Chira, JM Githaiga, TP Young
Ecological Applications 27 (3), 786-798, 2017
Relationships between cattle and biodiversity in multiuse landscape revealed by Kenya Long-Term Exclosure Experiment
TP Young, LM Porensky, C Riginos, KE Veblen, WO Odadi, DM Kimuyu, ...
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Impacts of large herbivores on terrestrial ecosystems
RM Pringle, JO Abraham, TM Anderson, TC Coverdale, AB Davies, ...
Current Biology 33 (11), R584-R610, 2023
Fire disturbance disrupts an acacia ant–plant mutualism in favor of a subordinate ant species
RL Sensenig, DK Kimuyu, JC Ruiz Guajardo, KE Veblen, C Riginos, ...
Ecology 98 (5), 1455-1464, 2017
Fire‐induced negative nutritional outcomes for cattle when sharing habitat with native ungulates in an African savanna
WO Odadi, DM Kimuyu, RL Sensenig, KE Veblen, C Riginos, TP Young
Journal of Applied Ecology 54 (3), 935-944, 2017
Survival, recruitment and dynamics of Acacia drepanolobium Sjøstedt seedlings at Olpejeta Conservancy, Kenya, between 1999 and 2009
GM Wahungu, LK Mureu, DM Kimuyu, A Birkett, PG Macharia, J Burton
African journal of ecology 49 (2), 227-233, 2011
Tree resprout dynamics following fire depend on herbivory by wild ungulate herbivores
EM LaMalfa, DM Kimuyu, RL Sensenig, TP Young, C Riginos, KE Veblen
Journal of Ecology 107 (5), 2493-2502, 2019
Less is more: Lowering cattle stocking rates enhances wild herbivore habitat use and cattle foraging efficiency
HBM Wells, RD Crego, J Ekadeli, M Namoni, DM Kimuyu, WO Odadi, ...
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 10, 825689, 2022
Volunteer based approach to dog vaccination campaigns to eliminate human rabies: Lessons from Laikipia County, Kenya
AW Ferguson, D Muloi, DK Ngatia, W Kiongo, DM Kimuyu, PW Webala, ...
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 14 (7), e0008260, 2020
Wild and domestic savanna herbivores increase smaller vertebrate diversity, but less than additively
HBM Wells, DM Kimuyu, WO Odadi, AJ Dougill, LC Stringer, TP Young
Journal of Applied Ecology 58 (5), 953-963, 2021
Synergistic effects of long‐term herbivory and previous fire on fine‐scale heterogeneity of prescribed grassland burns
CM Werner, D Kimuyu, KE Veblen, RL Sensenig, E LaMalfa, TP Young
Ecology 102 (4), e03270, 2021
Encroachment of open grasslands and Acacia drepanolobium Harms ex B.Y.Sjöstedt habitats by Euclea divinorum Hiern in Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya
GM Wahungu, NW Gichohi, IA Onyango, LK Mureu, D Kamaru, S Mutisya, ...
African journal of ecology 51 (1), 130-138, 2013
Spatial scales influence long-term response of herbivores to prescribed burning in a savanna ecosystem
DM Kimuyu, RL Sensenig, RM Chira, JM Githaiga, TP Young
International Journal of Wildland Fire 26 (4), 287-295, 2017
Gradients in the diversity of plants and large herbivores revealed with DNA barcoding in a semi-arid African savanna
PT Freeman, RO Ang’ila, D Kimuyu, PM Musili, D Kenfack, ...
Diversity 14 (3), 219, 2022
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