Jeong In Han
Jeong In Han
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Enhancement of field‐effect mobility due to surface‐mediated molecular ordering in regioregular polythiophene thin film transistors
DH Kim, YD Park, Y Jang, H Yang, YH Kim, JI Han, DG Moon, S Park, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 15 (1), 77-82, 2005
High‐mobility organic transistors based on single‐crystalline microribbons of triisopropylsilylethynyl pentacene via solution‐phase self‐assembly
DH Kim, DY Lee, HS Lee, WH Lee, YH Kim, JI Han, K Cho
Advanced materials 19 (5), 678-682, 2007
Deposition of indium–tin-oxide films on polymer substrates for application in plastic-based flat panel displays
SK Park, JI Han, WK Kim, MG Kwak
Thin Solid Films 397 (1-2), 49-55, 2001
Organic TFT array on a paper substrate
YH Kim, DG Moon, JI Han
IEEE electron device letters 25 (10), 702-704, 2004
Thin film transistor with three dimensional multichannel structure
W Kim, C Kim, J Han
US Patent 5,338,959, 1994
Fabrication of CeO 2/Fe 2 O 3 composite nanospindles for enhanced visible light driven photocatalysts and supercapacitor electrodes
NS Arul, D Mangalaraj, R Ramachandran, AN Grace, JI Han
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (29), 15248-15258, 2015
Transparent conducting metal electrode for top emission organic light-emitting devices: Ca–Ag double layer
RB Pode, CJ Lee, DG Moon, JI Han
Applied physics letters 84 (23), 4614-4616, 2004
Solution-processable pentacene microcrystal arrays for high performance organic field-effect transistors
WH Lee, DH Kim, Y Jang, JH Cho, M Hwang, YD Park, YH Kim, JI Han, ...
Applied physics letters 90 (13), 2007
Mechanical stability of externally deformed indium–tin–oxide films on polymer substrates
SK Park, JI Han, DG Moon, WK Kim
Japanese journal of applied physics 42 (2R), 623, 2003
Facilely synthesized NiMoO4/CoMoO4 nanorods as electrode material for high performance supercapacitor
F Nti, DA Anang, JI Han
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 742, 342-350, 2018
Facile hydrothermal synthesis of hexapod-like two dimensional dichalcogenide NiSe2 for supercapacitor
NS Arul, JI Han
Materials Letters 181, 345-349, 2016
High performance solution-processed and lithographically patterned zinc–tin oxide thin-film transistors with good operational stability
SK Park, YH Kim, HS Kim, JI Han
Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters 12 (7), H256, 2009
High-performance polymer TFTs printed on a plastic substrate
SK Park, YH Kim, JI Han, DG Moon, WK Kim
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 49 (11), 2008-2015, 2002
Environmental and operational stability of solution-processed 6, 13-bis (triisopropyl-silylethynyl) pentacene thin film transistors
SK Park, DA Mourey, JI Han, JE Anthony, TN Jackson
Organic Electronics 10 (3), 486-490, 2009
Epitaxial growth of ZnO thin films on -plane sapphire substrate by radio frequency magnetron sputtering
YJ Kim, YT Kim, HK Yang, JC Park, JI Han, YE Lee, HJ Kim
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films 15 (3 …, 1997
Facile synthesis of ZnS/MnS nanocomposites for supercapacitor applications
NS Arul, LS Cavalcante, J In Han
Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 22, 303-313, 2018
Effect of metallic composition on electrical properties of solution-processed indium-gallium-zinc-oxide thin-film transistors
YH Kim, MK Han, JI Han, SK Park
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 57 (5), 1009-1014, 2010
Development of ultrafine indium tin oxide (ITO) nanoparticle for ink-jet printing by low-temperature synthetic method
SJ Hong, YH Kim, JI Han
IEEE Transactions on nanotechnology 7 (2), 172-176, 2008
Influence of solvent on the film morphology, crystallinity and electrical characteristics of triisopropylsilyl pentacene OTFTs
YH Kim, YU Lee, JI Han, SM Han, MK Han
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 154 (12), H995, 2007
Effect of coupling structure of Eu on the photoluminescent characteristics for phosphors
YK Park, JI Han, MG Kwak, H Yang, SH Ju, WS Cho
Applied physics letters 72 (6), 668-670, 1998
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