Nikolay Sapundzhiev
Nikolay Sapundzhiev
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Surgery of adult bilateral vocal fold paralysis in adduction: history and trends
N Sapundzhiev, G Lichtenberger, HE Eckel, G Friedrich, I Zenev, ...
European archives of oto-rhino-laryngology 265 (12), 1501-1514, 2008
Efficacy of ice packs in the management of epistaxis
A Teymoortash, A Sesterhenn, R Kress, N Sapundzhiev, JA Werner
Clinical Otolaryngology & Allied Sciences 28 (6), 545-547, 2003
Historical Article Nasal snuff: historical review and health related aspects
N Sapundzhiev, JA Werner
The Journal of Laryngology & Otology 117, 686-691, 2003
Endoscopic sentinel lymphadenectomy as a new diagnostic approach in the N0 neck
JA Werner, NR Sapundzhiev, A Teymoortash, AA Dünne, T Behr, BJ Folz
European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology and Head & Neck 261 (9), 463-468, 2004
Lymph node metastasis in an animal model: effect of piecemeal laser surgical resection
NR Sapundzhiev, AA Dünne, A Ramaswamy, H Sitter, RK Davis, ...
Lasers in Surgery and Medicine: The Official Journal of the American Society …, 2005
The auricular VX2 carcinoma: feasibility of complete tumor resection
N Sapundzhiev, AA Dünne, A Ramaswamy, JA Werner
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Demographics of head and neck cancer patients: a single institution experience
GS Stoyanov, M Kitanova, DL Dzhenkov, P Ghenev, N Sapundzhiev
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Intravenous chemotherapy with cisplatin for regional lymph node metastases of auricular VX2 carcinoma
AA Dünne, C Kuropkat, N Sapundzhiev, A Ramaswamy, A Sesterhenn, ...
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The vomeronasal organ-incidence in a Bulgarian population
G Stoyanov, K Moneva, N Sapundzhiev, AB Tonchev
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Scanning electron microscopy of auditory ossicles
I Zenev, E Zenev, N Sapundzhiev, M Milkov, D Marev
The Mediterranean Journal of Otology 3, 112-116, 2006
Bipolar radiofrequency induced thermotherapeutic volumetric reduction of VX2 metastases in an animal model.
DAA Eivazi B, Sapundhziev N, Folz BJ, Sesterhenn AM, Dalchow CV
In Vivo 19 (6), 1023-1028, 2005
Effectiveness of radiochemotherapy on lymph node metastases in patients with stage IV oropharyngeal cancer
NR Sapundzhiev, PJ Barth, P Vacha, AA Dünne, R Moll, ...
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Тонзилотомия - минало в бъдеще време
Н Сапунджиев, П Генова
MedInfo 14 (3), 1-4, 2014
The human vomeronasal (Jacobson’s) organ: a short review of current conceptions, with an English translation of Potiquet’s original text
GS Stoyanov, BK Matev, P Valchanov, N Sapundzhiev, JR Young
Cureus 10 (5), 2018
Primary mucosal sinonasal melanoma - Case report and review of the literature. The role of complex treatment-surgery and adjuvant radiotherapy.
L Marinova, K Yordanov, N Sapundgiev
Reports of Practical Oncology & Radiotherapy 16 (1), 40-43, 2011
Bilateral tortuous internal carotid arteries – a case report, otorhinolaryngologic and general clinical implications.
K Ziolkowska, C Bachvarov, N Sapundzhiev, P Genova
Journal of IMAB 23 (3), 1657-1667, 2017
Endoscopic approach for laryngeal and hypopharyngeal malignancies with the Weerda diverticuloscope
N Sapundzhiev
J IMAB 16, 44-47, 2010
Digital oncology patient record-heterogeneous file based approach
N Sapundzhiev
changes 4, 5, 2006
Endoscopic repair of pharyngocutaneous fistula following laryngectomy
NR Sapundzhiev, LT Nikiforova, BH Spasova, D Ivanova, B Balev
Cureus 11 (10), 2019
Septoplasty with or without post-operative nasal packing
P Ivanova, G Iliev, K Kerimov, P Genova, B Spasova, N Sapundzhiev
Laryngo-Rhino-Otologie 98 (S 02), 11308, 2019
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