Catharine M Bosio
Catharine M Bosio
Rocky Mountain Laboratories
Потвърден имейл адрес: niaid.nih.gov
A Tn7-based broad-range bacterial cloning and expression system
KH Choi, JB Gaynor, KG White, C Lopez, CM Bosio, ...
Nature methods 2 (6), 443-448, 2005
Clinical benefit of remdesivir in rhesus macaques infected with SARS-CoV-2
BN Williamson, F Feldmann, B Schwarz, K Meade-White, DP Porter, ...
Nature 585 (7824), 273-276, 2020
Lipid raft microdomains: a gateway for compartmentalized trafficking of Ebola and Marburg viruses
S Bavari, CM Bosio, E Wiegand, G Ruthel, AB Will, TW Geisbert, M Hevey, ...
The Journal of experimental medicine 195 (5), 593-602, 2002
Ebola and Marburg viruses replicate in monocyte-derived dendritic cells without inducing the production of cytokines and full maturation
CM Bosio, MJ Aman, C Grogan, R Hogan, G Ruthel, D Negley, ...
The Journal of infectious diseases 188 (11), 1630-1638, 2003
Efficient immunization and cross-priming by vaccine adjuvants containing TLR3 or TLR9 agonists complexed to cationic liposomes
K Zaks, M Jordan, A Guth, K Sellins, R Kedl, A Izzo, C Bosio, S Dow
The Journal of Immunology 176 (12), 7335-7345, 2006
Ebola virus-like particles protect from lethal Ebola virus infection
KL Warfield, CM Bosio, BC Welcher, EM Deal, M Mohamadzadeh, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 100 (26), 15889-15894, 2003
Microbiota triggers STING-type I IFN-dependent monocyte reprogramming of the tumor microenvironment
KC Lam, RE Araya, A Huang, Q Chen, M Di Modica, RR Rodrigues, ...
Cell 184 (21), 5338-5356. e21, 2021
Lung environment determines unique phenotype of alveolar macrophages
AM Guth, WJ Janssen, CM Bosio, EC Crouch, PM Henson, SW Dow
American Journal of Physiology-Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology 296 (6 …, 2009
Active suppression of the pulmonary immune response by Francisella tularensis Schu4
CM Bosio, H Bielefeldt-Ohmann, JT Belisle
The Journal of Immunology 178 (7), 4538-4547, 2007
Francisella tularensis induces aberrant activation of pulmonary dendritic cells
CM Bosio, SW Dow
The Journal of Immunology 175 (10), 6792-6801, 2005
Innate and adaptive immune responses to an intracellular bacterium, Francisella tularensis live vaccine strain
KL Elkins, SC Cowley, CM Bosio
Microbes and Infection 5 (2), 135-142, 2003
Intracellular biology and virulence determinants of Francisella tularensis revealed by transcriptional profiling inside macrophages
TD Wehrly, A Chong, K Virtaneva, DE Sturdevant, R Child, JA Edwards, ...
Cellular microbiology 11 (7), 1128-1150, 2009
Innate and Adaptive Immunity to Francisella
KL Elkins, SC Cowley, CM Bosio
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1105 (1), 284-324, 2007
Infection of B cell-deficient mice with CDC 1551, a clinical isolate of Mycobacterium tuberculosis: delay in dissemination and development of lung pathology
CM Bosio, D Gardner, KL Elkins
The Journal of Immunology 164 (12), 6417-6425, 2000
Role of natural killer cells in innate protection against lethal ebola virus infection
KL Warfield, JG Perkins, DL Swenson, EM Deal, CM Bosio, MJ Aman, ...
The Journal of experimental medicine 200 (2), 169-179, 2004
Orally delivered MK-4482 inhibits SARS-CoV-2 replication in the Syrian hamster model
K Rosenke, F Hansen, B Schwarz, F Feldmann, E Haddock, R Rosenke, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 2295, 2021
Importance of B cells, but Not Specific Antibodies, in Primary and Secondary Protective Immunity to the Intracellular BacteriumFrancisella tularensis Live Vaccine …
KL Elkins, CM Bosio, TR Rhinehart-Jones
Infection and immunity 67 (11), 6002-6007, 1999
Cutting edge: severe SARS-CoV-2 infection in humans is defined by a shift in the serum lipidome, resulting in dysregulation of eicosanoid immune mediators
B Schwarz, L Sharma, L Roberts, X Peng, S Bermejo, I Leighton, ...
The Journal of Immunology 206 (2), 329-334, 2021
Ebola and Marburg virus-like particles activate human myeloid dendritic cells
CM Bosio, BD Moore, KL Warfield, G Ruthel, M Mohamadzadeh, ...
Virology 326 (2), 280-287, 2004
Susceptibility to Secondary Francisella tularensis Live Vaccine Strain Infection in B-Cell-Deficient Mice Is Associated with Neutrophilia but Not with Defects in …
CM Bosio, KL Elkins
Infection and Immunity 69 (1), 194-203, 2001
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