Cornelius Bollheimer
Cornelius Bollheimer
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High‐fat diets: modeling the metabolic disorders of human obesity in rodents
R Buettner, J Schölmerich, LC Bollheimer
Obesity 15 (4), 798-808, 2007
Defining high-fat-diet rat models: metabolic and molecular effects of different fat types
R Buettner, KG Parhofer, M Woenckhaus, CE Wrede, LA Kunz-Schughart, ...
Journal of molecular endocrinology 36 (3), 485-501, 2006
Fatty acid‐induced induction of Toll‐like receptor‐4/nuclear factor‐κB pathway in adipocytes links nutritional signalling with innate immunity
A Schaeffler, P Gross, R Buettner, C Bollheimer, C Buechler, M Neumeier, ...
Immunology 126 (2), 233-245, 2009
Chronic exposure to free fatty acid reduces pancreatic beta cell insulin content by increasing basal insulin secretion that is not compensated for by a corresponding increase …
LC Bollheimer, RH Skelly, MW Chester, JD McGarry, CJ Rhodes
The Journal of clinical investigation 101 (5), 1094-1101, 1998
Lipid accumulation in hepatocytes induces fibrogenic activation of hepatic stellate cells
H Wobser, C Dorn, TS Weiss, T Amann, C Bollheimer, R Büttner, ...
Cell research 19 (8), 996-1005, 2009
Association between serum ferritin and the insulin resistance syndrome in a representative population
CE Wrede, R Buettner, LC Bollheimer, J Scholmerich, KD Palitzsch, ...
European journal of endocrinology 154 (2), 333-340, 2006
Frequency and outcome of patients with nonthyroidal illness syndrome in a medical intensive care unit
K Plikat, J Langgartner, R Buettner, LC Bollheimer, U Woenckhaus, ...
Metabolism 56 (2), 239-244, 2007
Sarcopenic obesity and complex interventions with nutrition and exercise in community-dwelling older persons–a narrative review
S Goisser, W Kemmler, S Porzel, D Volkert, CC Sieber, LC Bollheimer, ...
Clinical interventions in aging, 1267-1282, 2015
Sarcopenic obesity: molecular clues to a better understanding of its pathogenesis?
R Kob, LC Bollheimer, T Bertsch, C Fellner, M Djukic, CC Sieber, ...
Biogerontology 16, 15-29, 2015
Prevalence of sarcopenia in Germany and the corresponding effect of osteoarthritis in females 70 years and older living in the community: results of the FORMoSA study
W Kemmler, M Teschler, S Goisser, M Bebenek, S von Stengel, ...
Clinical interventions in aging, 1565-1573, 2015
Analysis of Rockwood et al’s clinical frailty scale and Fried et al’s frailty phenotype as predictors of mortality and other clinical outcomes in older patients who were …
M Ritt, C Schwarz, V Kronawitter, A Delinic, LC Bollheimer, KG Gassmann, ...
The journal of nutrition, health & aging 19, 1043-1048, 2015
Aldehyde oxidase 1 is highly abundant in hepatic steatosis and is downregulated by adiponectin and fenofibric acid in hepatocytes in vitro
M Neumeier, J Weigert, A Schäffler, TS Weiss, C Schmidl, R Büttner, ...
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 350 (3), 731-735, 2006
A distinct difference in the metabolic stimulus–response coupling pathways for regulating proinsulin biosynthesis and insulin secretion that lies at the level of a requirement …
RH Skelly, CL BOLLHEIMER, BL Wicksteed, BE Corkey, CJ Rhodes
Biochemical Journal 331 (2), 553-561, 1998
Increased insulin resistance and β cell activity in patients with Crohn's disease
N Bregenzer, A Hartmann, U Strauch, J Schölmerich, T Andus, ...
Inflammatory bowel diseases 12 (1), 53-56, 2006
Hepatocyte growth factor stimulates proliferation of pancreatic beta-cells particularly in the presence of subphysiological glucose concentrations
S Gahr, M Merger, LC Bollheimer, CG Hammerschmied, J Scholmerich, ...
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology 28 (2), 99-110, 2002
Folate and its preventive potential in colorectal carcinogenesis.: How strong is the biological and epidemiological evidence?
LC Bollheimer, R Buettner, A Kullmann, F Kullmann
Critical reviews in oncology/hematology 55 (1), 13-36, 2005
Principles of the prolactin/vasoinhibin axis
J Triebel, T Bertsch, C Bollheimer, D Rios-Barrera, CF Pearce, M Hüfner, ...
American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative …, 2015
Stimulatory short-term effects of free fatty acids on glucagon secretion at low to normal glucose concentrations
LC Bollheimer, HC Landauer, S Troll, J Schweimer, CE Wrede, ...
Metabolism 53 (11), 1443-1448, 2004
Sarcopenia in the aging high-fat fed rat: a pilot study for modeling sarcopenic obesity in rodents
LC Bollheimer, R Buettner, G Pongratz, R Brunner-Ploss, C Hechtl, ...
Biogerontology 13, 609-620, 2012
Dietary folic acid activates AMPK and improves insulin resistance and hepatic inflammation in dietary rodent models of the metabolic syndrome
R Buettner, I Bettermann, C Hechtl, E Gäbele, C Hellerbrand, ...
Hormone and metabolic research 42 (11), 769-774, 2010
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