Eva Joo
Eva Joo
post-doctoral researcher
Потвърден имейл адрес: illinois.edu
Productivity of North American grasslands is increased under future climate scenarios despite rising aridity
K Hufkens, TF Keenan, LB Flanagan, RL Scott, CJ Bernacchi, E Joo, ...
Nature Climate Change 6, 710-714, 2016
Productivity of North American grasslands is increased under future climate scenarios despite rising aridity
Clear link between drought stress, photosynthesis and biogenic volatile organic compounds in Fagus sylvatica L.
M Šimpraga, H Verbeeck, M Demarcke, É Joó, O Pokorska, C Amelynck, ...
Atmospheric Environment 45 (30), 5254-5259, 2011
Constitutive versus heat and biotic stress induced BVOC emissions in Pseudotsuga menziesii
É Joó, J Dewulf, C Amelynck, N Schoon, O Pokorska, M Šimpraga, ...
Atmospheric Environment 45 (22), 3655-3662, 2011
Variation in biogenic volatile organic compound emission pattern of Fagus sylvatica L. due to aphid infection
É Joó, H Van Langenhove, M Šimpraga, K Steppe, C Amelynck, ...
Atmospheric Environment 44 (2), 227-234, 2010
The influence of drought and heat stress on long‐term carbon fluxes of bioenergy crops grown in the Midwestern USA
E Joo, MZ Hussain, M Zeri, MD Masters, JN Miller, N Gomez‐Casanovas, ...
Plant, cell & environment 39 (9), 1928-1940, 2016
History effect of light and temperature on monoterpenoid emissions from Fagus sylvatica L.
M Demarcke, JF Müller, N Schoon, H Van Langenhove, J Dewulf, E Joó, ...
Atmospheric Environment 44 (27), 3261-3268, 2010
Season-long ammonia flux measurements above fertilized corn in central Illinois, USA, using relaxed eddy accumulation
AJ Nelson, S Koloutsou-Vakakis, MJ Rood, LT Myles, C Lehmann, ...
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 239, 202-212, 2017
Quantification of interferences in PTR-MS measurements of monoterpene emissions from Fagus sylvatica L. using simultaneous TD-GC-MS measurements
É Joó, J Dewulf, M Demarcke, C Amelynck, N Schoon, JF Müller, ...
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 291 (1-2), 90-95, 2010
Enhanced evapotranspiration was observed during extreme drought from Miscanthus, opposite of other crops
E Joo, M Zeri, MZ Hussain, E DeLucia, C Bernacchi
Global Change Biology Bioenergy 9 (8), 1306-1319, 2017
Importance of biophysical effects on climate warming mitigation potential of biofuel crops over the conterminous United States
P Zhu, Q Zhuang, J Eva, C Bernacchi
Gcb Bioenergy 9 (3), 577-590, 2017
Seasonal evolution of canopy stomatal conductance for a prairie and maize field in the midwestern United States from continuous carbonyl sulfide fluxes
M Berkelhammer, B Alsip, R Matamala, D Cook, ME Whelan, E Joo, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 47 (6), e2019GL085652, 2020
Vertical canopy gradient in photosynthesis and monoterpenoid emissions: An insight into the chemistry and physiology behind
M Šimpraga, H Verbeeck, J Bloemen, L Vanhaecke, M Demarcke, E Joó, ...
Atmospheric Environment 80, 85-95, 2013
Emissions of biogenic volatile organic compounds from Fraxinus excelsior and Quercus robur under ambient conditions in Flanders (Belgium)
O Pokorska, J Dewulf, C Amelynck, N Schoon, É Joó, M Šimpraga, ...
International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry 92 (15), 1729-1741, 2012
Comparing monoterpenoid emissions and net photosynthesis of beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) in controlled and natural conditions
M Šimpraga, H Verbeeck, M Demarcke, É Joó, C Amelynck, N Schoon, ...
Atmospheric Environment 45 (17), 2922-2928, 2011
Ammonia flux measurements above a corn canopy using relaxed eddy accumulation and a flux gradient system
AJ Nelson, N Lichiheb, S Koloutsou-Vakakis, MJ Rood, M Heuer, ...
Agricultural and forest meteorology 264, 104-113, 2019
Implementation of the effect of urease inhibitor on ammonia emissions following urea-based fertilizer application at a Zea mays field in central Illinois: A study with SURFATM …
N Lichiheb, LT Myles, E Personne, M Heuer, M Buban, AJ Nelson, ...
Agricultural and forest meteorology 269, 78-87, 2019
Dental menagment of the medically compromised patient 8th ed
J Little, D Falace, C Miller, N Rhodus
St. Louis: Mosby, 2012
Alkaline hydrolysis combined with stir-bar sorptive extraction or sonication for the determination of banned azo dyes in leather
LH Ahlström, M Rowshanzamir, E Joo, L Mathiasson
American Leather Chemists Association 102 (9), 280-287, 2007
Characterization of stress induced changes in Biogenic Volatile Organic Compound (BVOC) emissions from Fagus sylvatica and Pseudotsuga menziesii
É Joó
Ghent University, 2011
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