Patrick Fay
The 2018 GaN power electronics roadmap
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InAlN/AlN/GaN HEMTs With Regrown Ohmic Contacts andof 370 GHz
Y Yue, Z Hu, J Guo, B Sensale-Rodriguez, G Li, R Wang, F Faria, T Fang, ...
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300-ghz inaln/gan hemts with ingan back barrier
DS Lee, X Gao, S Guo, D Kopp, P Fay, T Palacios
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AlN/GaN insulated-gate HEMTs with 2.3 A/mm output current and 480 mS/mm transconductance
T Zimmermann, D Deen, Y Cao, J Simon, P Fay, D Jena, HG Xing
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245-GHz InAlN/GaN HEMTs with oxygen plasma treatment
DS Lee, JW Chung, H Wang, X Gao, S Guo, P Fay, T Palacios
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Novel gate-recessed vertical InAs/GaSb TFETs with record high IONof 180 μA/μm at VDS= 0.5 V
G Zhou, R Li, T Vasen, M Qi, S Chae, Y Lu, Q Zhang, H Zhu, JM Kuo, ...
2012 International Electron Devices Meeting, 32.6. 1-32.6. 4, 2012
AlGaSb/InAs Tunnel Field-Effect Transistor With On-Current of 78at 0.5 V
R Li, Y Lu, G Zhou, Q Liu, SD Chae, T Vasen, WS Hwang, Q Zhang, P Fay, ...
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Gate-recessed enhancement-mode InAlN/AlN/GaN HEMTs with 1.9-A/mm drain current density and 800-mS/mm transconductance
R Wang, P Saunier, X Xing, C Lian, X Gao, S Guo, G Snider, P Fay, ...
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Polarization-induced Zener tunnel junctions in wide-band-gap heterostructures
J Simon, Z Zhang, K Goodman, H Xing, T Kosel, P Fay, D Jena
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Ultrathin ferroic HfO2–ZrO2 superlattice gate stack for advanced transistors
SS Cheema, N Shanker, LC Wang, CH Hsu, SL Hsu, YH Liao, ...
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Thermal infrared detection using dipole antenna-coupled metal-oxide-metal diodes
JA Bean, B Tiwari, GH Bernstein, P Fay, W Porod
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Performance of AlGaSb/InAs TFETs with gate electric field and tunneling direction aligned
Y Lu, G Zhou, R Li, Q Liu, Q Zhang, T Vasen, SD Chae, T Kosel, M Wistey, ...
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210-GHz InAlN/GaN HEMTs with dielectric-free passivation
R Wang, G Li, O Laboutin, Y Cao, W Johnson, G Snider, P Fay, D Jena, ...
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Ultrascaled InAlN/GaN high electron mobility transistors with cutoff frequency of 400 GHz
Y Yue, Z Hu, J Guo, B Sensale-Rodriguez, G Li, R Wang, F Faria, B Song, ...
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Sub-Micron Area Heterojunction Backward Diode Millimeter-Wave Detectors With 0.18Noise Equivalent Power
Z Zhang, R Rajavel, P Deelman, P Fay
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Gate-recessed integrated E/D GaN HEMT technology with fT/fmax >300 GHz
ML Schuette, A Ketterson, B Song, E Beam, TM Chou, M Pilla, HQ Tserng, ...
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Polarization‐engineering in group III‐nitride heterostructures: New opportunities for device design
D Jena, J Simon, A Wang, Y Cao, K Goodman, J Verma, S Ganguly, G Li, ...
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Experimental characterization of impact ionization coefficients for electrons and holes in GaN grown on bulk GaN substrates
L Cao, J Wang, G Harden, H Ye, R Stillwell, AJ Hoffman, P Fay
Applied Physics Letters 112 (26), 2018
InGaAs/InP Tunnel FETs With a Subthreshold Swing of 93 mV/dec and Ratio Near
G Zhou, Y Lu, R Li, Q Zhang, Q Liu, T Vasen, H Zhu, JM Kuo, T Kosel, ...
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High voltage, high current GaN-on-GaN pn diodes with partially compensated edge termination
J Wang, L Cao, J Xie, E Beam, R McCarthy, C Youtsey, P Fay
Applied Physics Letters 113 (2), 2018
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