Daniel J. S. Sandbeck
Daniel J. S. Sandbeck
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Fluoride ion batteries: Theoretical performance, safety, toxicity, and a combinatorial screening of new electrodes
F Gschwind, G Rodriguez-Garcia, DJS Sandbeck, A Gross, M Weil, ...
Journal of Fluorine Chemistry 182, 76-90, 2016
Tuning the electrocatalytic performance of ionic liquid modified Pt catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction via cationic chain engineering
GR Zhang, T Wolker, DJS Sandbeck, M Munoz, KJJ Mayrhofer, ...
ACS catalysis 8 (9), 8244-8254, 2018
Structure dependency of the atomic-scale mechanisms of platinum electro-oxidation and dissolution
T Fuchs, J Drnec, F Calle-Vallejo, N Stubb, DJS Sandbeck, M Ruge, ...
Nature Catalysis 3 (9), 754-761, 2020
Particle size effect on platinum dissolution: considerations for accelerated stability testing of fuel cell catalysts
DJS Sandbeck, NM Secher, FD Speck, JE Sørensen, J Kibsgaard, ...
ACS Catalysis 10 (11), 6281-6290, 2020
Unravelling Degradation Pathways of Oxide‐Supported Pt Fuel Cell Nanocatalysts under In Situ Operating Conditions
H Schmies, A Bergmann, J Drnec, G Wang, D Teschner, S Kühl, ...
Advanced energy materials 8 (4), 1701663, 2018
Effect of ionic liquid modification on the ORR performance and degradation mechanism of trimetallic PtNiMo/C catalysts
M George, GR Zhang, N Schmitt, K Brunnengräber, DJS Sandbeck, ...
ACS catalysis 9 (9), 8682-8692, 2019
In Situ Stability Studies of Platinum Nanoparticles Supported on Ruthenium−Titanium Mixed Oxide (RTO) for Fuel Cell Cathodes
E Hornberger, A Bergmann, H Schmies, S Kühl, G Wang, J Drnec, ...
ACS catalysis 8 (10), 9675-9683, 2018
Particle size effect on platinum dissolution: practical considerations for fuel cells
DJS Sandbeck, M Inaba, J Quinson, J Bucher, A Zana, M Arenz, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 12 (23), 25718-25727, 2020
Dissolution of platinum single crystals in acidic medium
DJS Sandbeck, O Brummel, KJJ Mayrhofer, J Libuda, I Katsounaros, ...
ChemPhysChem 20 (22), 2997-3003, 2019
The dissolution dilemma for low Pt loading polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell catalysts
DJS Sandbeck, NM Secher, M Inaba, J Quinson, JE Sørensen, ...
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 167 (16), 164501, 2020
Facile preparation of chloride‐conducting membranes: first step towards a room‐temperature solid‐state chloride‐ion battery
F Gschwind, D Steinle, D Sandbeck, C Schmidt, E von Hauff
ChemistryOpen 5 (6), 525-530, 2016
Evolution of the PtNi bimetallic alloy fuel cell catalyst under simulated operational conditions
I Khalakhan, M Bogar, M Vorokhta, P Kus, Y Yakovlev, M Dopita, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 12 (15), 17602-17610, 2020
The carbocation rearrangement mechanism, clarified
DJS Sandbeck, DJ Markewich, ALL East
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 81 (4), 1410-1415, 2016
Interplay Among Dealloying, Ostwald Ripening, and Coalescence in PtXNi100–X Bimetallic Alloys under Fuel-Cell-Related Conditions
M Bogar, Y Yakovlev, DJS Sandbeck, S Cherevko, I Matolínová, ...
ACS catalysis 11 (18), 11360-11370, 2021
Compositionally tuned magnetron co-sputtered PtxNi100-x alloy as a cathode catalyst for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
I Khalakhan, L Supik, M Vorokhta, Y Yakovlev, M Dopita, DJS Sandbeck, ...
Applied Surface Science 511, 145486, 2020
Challenges in Predicting ΔrxnG in Solution: The Mechanism of Ether-Catalyzed Hydroboration of Alkenes
DJS Sandbeck, CM Kuntz, C Luu, RA Mondor, JG Ottaviano, AV Rayer, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 118 (50), 11768-11779, 2014
Model electrocatalysts for the oxidation of rechargeable electrofuels-carbon supported Pt nanoparticles prepared in UHV
C Stumm, M Kastenmeier, F Waidhas, M Bertram, DJS Sandbeck, ...
Electrochimica acta 389, 138716, 2021
On the Dissolution of Platinum: From Fundamental to Advanced Catalytic Materials
DJS Sandbeck
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, 2020
Anisotropy of Pt nanoparticles on carbon-and oxide-support and their structural response to electrochemical oxidation probed by in situ techniques
H Schmies, A Bergmann, E Hornberger, J Drnec, G Wang, F Dionigi, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22 (39), 22260-22270, 2020
In situ studies of the oxide structure and oxide growth on single crystal platinum surfaces
T Fuchs, J Drnec, F Calle-Vallejo, N Stubb, D Sandbeck, M Ruge, ...
Electrochemical Society Meeting Abstracts 240, 1464-1464, 2021
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