V. Grover
V. Grover
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Phase relations, lattice thermal expansion in CeO2–Gd2O3 system, and stabilization of cubic gadolinia
V Grover, AK Tyagi
Materials research bulletin 39 (6), 859-866, 2004
X‐Ray Diffraction and Raman Spectroscopic Investigation on the Phase Relations in Yb2O3‐ and Tm2O3‐Substituted CeO2
BP Mandal, V Grover, M Roy, AK Tyagi
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 90 (9), 2961-2965, 2007
Sm2−xDyxZr2O7 Pyrochlores: Probing Order−Disorder Dynamics and Multifunctionality
FN Sayed, V Grover, K Bhattacharyya, D Jain, A Arya, CGS Pillai, ...
Inorganic chemistry 50 (6), 2354-2365, 2011
CeO2–Gd2O3 system: Unraveling of microscopic features by Raman spectroscopy
A Banerji, V Grover, V Sathe, SK Deb, AK Tyagi
Solid state communications 149 (39-40), 1689-1692, 2009
Evolution of the local structure at the phase transition in CeO-GdO solid solutions
A Kossoy, Q Wang, R Korobko, V Grover, Y Feldman, E Wachtel, AK Tyagi, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 87 (5), 054101, 2013
Experimental and theoretical investigations on the polymorphism and metastability of BiPO 4
SN Achary, D Errandonea, A Muñoz, P Rodríguez-Hernández, FJ Manjón, ...
Dalton Transactions 42 (42), 14999-15015, 2013
Nano-cerium vanadate: a novel inorganic ion exchanger for removal of americium and uranium from simulated aqueous nuclear waste
C Banerjee, N Dudwadkar, SC Tripathi, PM Gandhi, V Grover, ...
Journal of hazardous materials 280, 63-70, 2014
X-ray diffraction, μ-Raman spectroscopic studies on CeO2− RE2O3 (RE= Ho, Er) systems: Observation of parasitic phases
BP Mandal, M Roy, V Grover, AK Tyagi
Journal of Applied Physics 103 (3), 2008
Raman, XRD and microscopic investigations on CeO2–Lu2O3 and CeO2–Sc2O3 systems: A sub-solidus phase evolution study
V Grover, A Banerji, P Sengupta, AK Tyagi
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 181 (8), 1930-1935, 2008
Effect of grain size and microstructure on radiation stability of CeO 2: an extensive study
V Grover, R Shukla, R Kumari, BP Mandal, PK Kulriya, SK Srivastava, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (48), 27065-27073, 2014
Exploring pure and RE co-doped (Eu3+, Tb3+ and Dy3+) gadolinium scandate: Luminescence behaviour and dynamics of energy transfer
SK Gupta, V Grover, R Shukla, K Srinivasu, V Natarajan, AK Tyagi
Chemical Engineering Journal 283, 114-126, 2016
Effect of swift heavy ion irradiation in pyrochlores
MK Patel, V Vijayakumar, DK Avasthi, S Kailas, JC Pivin, V Grover, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2008
MgAl2O4 spinel: Synthesis, carbon incorporation and defect-induced luminescence
SS Raj, SK Gupta, V Grover, KP Muthe, V Natarajan, AK Tyagi
Journal of Molecular Structure 1089, 81-85, 2015
The role of reaction conditions in the polymorphic control of Eu 3+ doped YInO 3: structure and size sensitive luminescence
R Shukla, SK Gupta, V Grover, V Natarajan, AK Tyagi
Dalton Transactions 44 (23), 10628-10635, 2015
Phase relations, lattice thermal expansion in Ce1− xEuxO2− x/2 and Ce1− xSmxO2− x/2 systems and stabilization of cubic RE2O3 (RE: Eu, Sm)
BP Mandal, V Grover, AK Tyagi
Materials Science and Engineering: A 430 (1-2), 120-124, 2006
Complex GdSc1–xInxO3 Oxides: Synthesis and Structure Driven Tunable Electrical Properties
V Grover, R Shukla, D Jain, SK Deshpande, A Arya, CGS Pillai, AK Tyagi
Chemistry of Materials 24 (11), 2186-2196, 2012
Solid state white light emitting systems based on CeF3: RE3+ nanoparticles and their composites with polymers
FN Sayed, V Grover, KA Dubey, V Sudarsan, AK Tyagi
Journal of colloid and interface science 353 (2), 445-453, 2011
Facile synthesis of ZrO2 powders: Control of morphology
V Grover, R Shukla, AK Tyagi
Scripta materialia 57 (8), 699-702, 2007
Synthesis of flexible polymeric shielding materials for soft gamma rays: Physicomechanical and attenuation characteristics of radiation crosslinked polydimethylsiloxane/Bi2O …
KA Dubey, CV Chaudhari, SK Suman, N Raje, RK Mondal, V Grover, ...
Polymer Composites 37 (3), 756-762, 2016
Structural analysis of excess-anion C-type rare earth oxide: a case study with Gd1− xCexO1. 5+ x/2 (x= 0.20 and 0.40)
V Grover, SN Achary, AK Tyagi
Journal of applied crystallography 36 (4), 1082-1084, 2003
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