Roumen Iankov
Roumen Iankov
Instiute of Mechanics
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Finite element simulation of profile rolling of wire
R Iankov
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 42 (2), 353-361, 2003
Influence of surface roughness on friction during metal forming processes
O Mahrenholtz, N Bontcheva, R Iankov
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M Datcheva, S Cherneva, M Stoycheva, R Iankov, D Stoychev
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Bounding the response of mechanical structures with uncertainties in all the parameters
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Numerical investigation of the damage process in metal forming
N Bontcheva, R Iankov
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Nanoindentation investigation of mechanical properties of ZrO2, ZrO2–Y2O3, Al2O3 and TiO2 thin films deposited on stainless steel OC 404 substrate by spray pyrolysis
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Propagation of variances of FRFs through FRF-based coupling calculation
R Iankov, D Moens, P Sas, L Hermans
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Investigation of the influence of surface roughness on metal forming processes
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Characterisation of mechanical properties of electrochemically deposited thin silver layers
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Contact interaction of axisymmetric indenter and poroelastic layer
MI Chebakov, AA Poddubny, EM Kolosova, AR Alexiev, RZ Iankov
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S Cherneva, D Stoychev, R Iankov
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Influence of the Conditions of Deposition on Mechanical Properties of Anodically Formed Al2O3 Layers on Al 1050
M Yordanov, P Chobanov, E Stoyanova, D Stoychev, S Cherneva, ...
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Numerical simulation of the compaction process of powder based materials
N Bontcheva, R Iankov
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Contact problem for a rigid flat stamp and a linear elastic strip bonded to porous half-plane
M Chebakov, E Kolosova, R Iankov, M Datcheva
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. Bulgaria 51 (3), 391-404, 2021
Investigation of mechanical and physicochemical properties of clinically retrieved titanium-niobium orthodontic archwires
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GS Chalakova, MD Datcheva, RZ Iankov, AI Baltov, DS Stoychev
Bulg Chem Commun 48, 64-70, 2016
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