José Gabriel Segarra-Moragues
José Gabriel Segarra-Moragues
Universidad de Valencia. Departamento de Botánica y Geología
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World checklist of hornworts and liverworts.
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Disassortative mating, sexual specialization, and the evolution of gender dimorphism in heterodichogamous Acer opalus
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Nunatak survival vs. tabula rasa in the Central Pyrenees: a study on the endemic plant species Borderea pyrenaica (Dioscoreaceae)
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Low Allozyme Variability in the Critically Endangered Borderea chouardii and in Its Congener Borderea pyrenaica (Dioscoreaceae), two paleoendemic Relicts from the Central Pyrenees
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Historical and biological determinants of genetic diversity in the highly endemic triploid sea lavender Limonium dufourii (Plumbaginaceae)
M Palop-Esteban, JG Segarra-Moragues, F González-Candelas
Molecular Ecology 16 (18), 3814-3827, 2007
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