Lohengrin Cavieres
Lohengrin Cavieres
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Facilitation in plant communities: the past, the present, and the future
RW Brooker, FT Maestre, RM Callaway, CL Lortie, LA Cavieres, ...
Journal of ecology 96 (1), 18-34, 2008
Do biotic interactions shape both sides of the humped‐back model of species richness in plant communities?
R Michalet, RW Brooker, LA Cavieres, Z Kikvidze, CJ Lortie, FI Pugnaire, ...
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A Pauchard, C Kueffer, H Dietz, CC Daehler, J Alexander, PJ Edwards, ...
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Positive interactions between alpine plant species and the nurse cushion plant Laretia acaulis do not increase with elevation in the Andes of central Chile
LA Cavieres, EI Badano, A Sierra‐Almeida, S Gómez‐González, ...
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Catálogo de las plantas vasculares de Chile
R Rodriguez, C Marticorena, D Alarcón, C Baeza, L Cavieres, VL Finot, ...
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LA Cavieres, EI Badano
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Slope aspect influences plant association patterns in the Mediterranean matorral of central Chile
EI Badano, LA Cavieres, MA Molina-Montenegro, CL Quiroz
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Microclimatic modifications of cushion plants and their consequences for seedling survival of native and non-native herbaceous species in the high Andes of central Chile
LA Cavieres, EI Badano, A Sierra-Almeida, MA Molina-Montenegro
Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research 39 (2), 229-236, 2007
Nurse effect of Bolax gummifera cushion plants in the alpine vegetation of the Chilean Patagonian Andes
L Cavieres, MTK Arroyo, A Peñaloza, M Molina‐Montenegro, C Torres
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The presence of a showy invasive plant disrupts pollinator service and reproductive output in native alpine species only at high densities
AA Muñoz, LA Cavieres
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Plant invasions in Chile: present patterns and future predictions
MTK Arroyo, C Marticorena, O Matthei, L Cavieres
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Nurse effect of the native cushion plant Azorella monantha on the invasive non-native Taraxacum officinale in the high-Andes of central Chile
LA Cavieres, CL Quiroz, MA Molina-Montenegro, AA Muñoz, A Pauchard
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Positive associations between the cushion plant Azorella monantha (Apiaceae) and alpine plant species in the Chilean Patagonian Andes
MTK Arroyo, LA Cavieres, A Peñaloza, MA Arroyo-Kalin
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Seed germination response to cold stratification period and thermal regime in Phacelia secunda (Hydrophyllaceae)–altitudinal variation in the Mediterranean Andes of central Chile
LA Cavieres, MTK Arroyo
Plant Ecology 149 (1), 1-8, 2000
Alpine cushion plants inhibit the loss of phylogenetic diversity in severe environments
BJ Butterfield, LA Cavieres, RM Callaway, BJ Cook, Z Kikvidze, CJ Lortie, ...
Ecology Letters 16 (4), 478-486, 2013
Facilitation of the non‐native Taraxacum officinale by native nurse cushion species in the high Andes of central Chile: are there differences between nurses?
LA Cavieres, CL Quiroz, MA Molina‐Montenegro
Functional Ecology 22 (1), 148-156, 2008
Relaciones fitogeográficas y patrones regionales de riqueza de especies en la flora del bosque lluvioso templado de Sudamérica
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Convergence in the Mediterranean floras in central Chile and California: insights from comparative biogeography
MTK Arroyo, L Cavieres, C Marticorena, M Muñoz-Schick
Ecology and biogeography of Mediterranean ecosystems in Chile, California …, 1995
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