Dr. Christophe Rossel
Dr. Christophe Rossel
Emeritus research staff member, IBM Research Zurich,
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Reproducible switching effect in thin oxide films for memory applications
A Beck, JG Bednorz, C Gerber, C Rossel, D Widmer
Applied Physics Letters 77 (1), 139-141, 2000
Partially gapped Fermi surface in the heavy-electron superconductor
MB Maple, JW Chen, Y Dalichaouch, T Kohara, C Rossel, MS Torikachvili, ...
Physical Review Letters 56 (2), 185, 1986
Electrical current distribution across a metal–insulator–metal structure during bistable switching
C Rossel, GI Meijer, D Bremaud, D Widmer
Journal of Applied Physics 90 (6), 2892-2898, 2001
A strong electro-optically active lead-free ferroelectric integrated on silicon
S Abel, T Stöferle, C Marchiori, C Rossel, MD Rossell, R Erni, D Caimi, ...
Nature communications 4 (1), 1671, 2013
Low-temperature properties of rare-earth and actinide iron phosphide compounds M Fe 4 P 12 (M= La, Pr, Nd, and Th)
MS Torikachvili, JW Chen, Y Dalichaouch, RP Guertin, MW McElfresh, ...
Physical Review B 36 (16), 8660, 1987
Strong electronic correlations in a new class of Yb-based compounds: YbX Cu 4 (X= Ag, Au, Pd)
C Rossel, KN Yang, MB Maple, Z Fisk, E Zirngiebl, JD Thompson
Physical Review B 35 (4), 1914, 1987
Muon-spin-rotation measurements of the London penetration depths in
B Pümpin, H Keller, W Kündig, W Odermatt, IM Savić, JW Schneider, ...
Physical Review B 42 (13), 8019, 1990
Observation of magnetic-field-induced superconductivity
HW Meul, C Rossel, M Decroux, Ø Fischer, G Remenyi, A Briggs
Physical review letters 53 (5), 497, 1984
Active microlevers as miniature torque magnetometers
C Rossel, P Bauer, D Zech, J Hofer, M Willemin, H Keller
Journal of applied physics 79 (11), 8166-8173, 1996
Memory effects in a superconducting y-ba-cu-o single crystal: A similarity to spin-glasses
C Rossel, Y Maeno, I Morgenstern
Physical review letters 62 (6), 681, 1989
Strong shift of the irreversibility line in high-T c superconductors upon vortex shaking with an oscillating magnetic field
M Willemin, C Rossel, J Hofer, H Keller, A Erb, E Walker
Physical Review B 58 (10), R5940, 1998
First-Order Vortex-Lattice Melting Transition in YBa 2 Cu 3 O 7− δ near the Critical Temperature Detected by Magnetic Torque
M Willemin, A Schilling, H Keller, C Rossel, J Hofer, U Welp, WK Kwok, ...
Physical review letters 81 (19), 4236, 1998
Inversion mode n-channel GaAs field effect transistor with high-k/metal gate
JP De Souza, E Kiewra, Y Sun, A Callegari, DK Sadana, G Shahidi, ...
Applied Physics Letters 92 (15), 2008
Microelectronic device for storing information with switchable ohmic resistance
A Beck, C Bednorz, C Gerber, CP Rossel
US Patent 6,815,744, 2004
Field-effect transistors with SrHfO3 as gate oxide
C Rossel, B Mereu, C Marchiori, D Caimi, M Sousa, A Guiller, H Siegwart, ...
Applied physics letters 89 (5), 2006
Resistance switching at the nanometre scale in amorphous carbon
A Sebastian, A Pauza, C Rossel, RM Shelby, AF Rodríguez, H Pozidis, ...
New Journal of Physics 13 (1), 013020, 2011
Oxygenated amorphous carbon for resistive memory applications
Santini, Sebastian, Marchiori, Jonnalagadda, Dellmann, Koelmans, Rossell ...
Nature Communications, 2015
Towards large size substrates for III-V co-integration made by direct wafer bonding on Si
N Daix, E Uccelli, L Czornomaz, D Caimi, C Rossel, M Sousa, H Siegwart, ...
APL materials 2 (8), 2014
Doping dependence of superconducting parameters in HgBa2CuO4+ δ single crystals
J Hofer, J Karpinski, M Willemin, GI Meijer, EM Kopnin, R Molinski, ...
Physica C: Superconductivity 297 (1-2), 103-110, 1998
On the superconductivity of PbMo6S8 and the series MxPbMo6S8 and MxPb1− xMo6S8
M Sergent, R Chevrel, C Rossel, Ø Fischer
Journal of the Less Common Metals 58 (2), 179-193, 1978
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