Hocine Remini (ORCID: 0000-0001-7006-9618)
Hocine Remini (ORCID: 0000-0001-7006-9618)
PhD in Food Science, 3BS Laboratory, Université de Bejaia et Bouira, Algeria
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Removal of Methylene Blue from aqueous solutions by adsorption on Kaolin: Kinetic and equilibrium studies
HR Lotfi Mouni, Lazhar Belkhiri, Jean-Claude Bollinger, Abdelkrim Bouzaza ...
Applied Clay Science 153, 38-45, 2018
Optimization of Microwave-Assisted Extraction of Polyphenols from< i> Myrtus communis</i> L. Leaves
F Dahmoune, B Nayak, K Moussi, H Remini, K Madani
Food Chemistry 166, 585-595, 2015
Comparison of microwave, ultrasound and accelerated-assisted solvent extraction for recovery of polyphenols from Citrus sinensis peels
B Nayak, F Dahmoune, K Moussi, H Remini, S Dairi, O Aoun, M Khodir
Food chemistry 187, 507-516, 2015
Pistacia lentiscus leaves as a source of phenolic compounds: Microwave-assisted extraction optimized and compared with ultrasound-assisted and conventional solvent extraction
F Dahmoune, G Spigno, K Moussi, H Remini, A Cherbal, K Madani
Industrial Crops and Products 61, 31-40, 2014
Chemical composition, antibacterial and antioxidant activities of essential oil of Eucalyptus globulus from Algeria
L Harkat-Madouri, B Asma, K Madani, ZBOS Said, P Rigou, D Grenier, ...
Industrial Crops and Products 78, 148-153, 2015
Essential oils composition, antibacterial and antioxidant activities of hydrodistillated extract of Eucalyptus globulus fruits
ZBOS Said, H Haddadi-Guemghar, L Boulekbache-Makhlouf, P Rigou, ...
Industrial Crops and Products 89, 167-175, 2016
Degradation kinetic modelling of ascorbic acid and colour intensity in pasteurised blood orange juice during storage
H Remini, C Mertz, A Belbahi, N Achir, M Dornier, K Madani
Food Chemistry, 2015
Effect of Opuntia ficus indica mucilage on copper removal from water by electrocoagulation-electroflotation technique
N Adjeroud, S Elabbas, B Merzouk, Y Hammoui, L Felkai-Haddache, ...
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 811, 26-36, 2018
Ultrasound assisted extraction of phenolic compounds from P. lentiscus L. leaves: Comparative study of artificial neural network (ANN) versus degree of experiment for …
F Dahmoune, H Remini, S Dairi, O Aoun, K Moussi, N Bouaoudia-Madi, ...
Industrial Crops and Products 77, 251-261, 2015
Effect of oven and microwave drying on phenolic compounds and antioxidant capacity of coriander leaves.
S Hihat, H Remini, K Madani
International Food Research Journal 24 (2), 2017
Extraction of carotenoids from cantaloupe waste and determination of its mineral composition
A Benmeziane, L Boulekbache-Makhlouf, P Mapelli-Brahm, NK Khodja, ...
Food Research International 111, 391-398, 2018
Conventional and microwave-assisted extraction of mucilage from Opuntia ficus-indica Cladodes: Physico-chemical and rheological properties
L Felkai-Haddache, H Remini, V Dulong, K Mamou-Belhabib, L Picton, ...
Food and bioprocess technology 9 (3), 481-492, 2016
Optimization of ultrasound-assisted extraction of phenolic compounds from Citrus sinensis L. peels using response surface methodology
D Farid, H Remini, A Omar, K Madani
Chemical Engineering Transactions 37, 889-894, 2014
Antioxidant effects of extra virgin olive oil enriched by myrtle phenolic extracts on iron-mediated lipid peroxidation under intestinal conditions model
S Dairi, MA Carbonneau, T Galeano-Diaz, H Remini, F Dahmoune, ...
Food chemistry 237, 297-304, 2017
Microwave optimization of mucilage extraction from Opuntia ficus indica Cladodes
L Felkai-Haddache, F Dahmoune, H Remini, K Lefsih, L Mouni, K Madani
International journal of biological macromolecules 84, 24-30, 2016
Preparation of plasticized wheat gluten/olive pomace powder biocomposite: Effect of powder content and chemical modifications
Y Hammoui, S Molina-Boisseau, A Duval, N Djerrada, N Adjeroud, ...
Materials & Design 87, 742-749, 2015
Optimisation of microwave‐assisted extraction of prune (Prunus domestica) antioxidants by response surface methodology
H Haddadi‐Guemghar, N Janel, J Dairou, H Remini, K Madani
International Journal of Food Science & Technology 49 (10), 2158-2166, 2014
Enhanced electrocoagulation–electroflotation for turbidity removal by Opuntia ficus indica cladode mucilage
Naima Djerroud, Nawel Adjeroud, Lamia Felkai‐Haddache, Yasmina Hammoui ...
Water and Environment Journal, 2017
Monitoring oxidative stability and phenolic compounds composition of myrtle-enriched extra virgin olive during heating treatment by flame, oven and microwave using reversed …
S Dairi, T Galeano-Díaz, MI Acedo-Valenzuela, MP Godoy-Caballero, ...
Industrial Crops and Products 65, 303-314, 2015
Effects of the incorporation of cantaloupe pulp in yogurt: Physicochemical, phytochemical and rheological properties
F Kermiche, L Boulekbache–Makhlouf, M Félix, L Harkat-Madouri, ...
Food Science and Technology International 24 (7), 585-597, 2018
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