Elise Klein
Elise Klein
CNRS - Université de Paris, Sorbonne Paris Cité
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Extending the mental number line: A review of multi-digit number processing.
HC Nuerk, K Moeller, E Klein, K Willmes, MH Fischer
Zeitschrift für Psychologie/Journal of Psychology 219 (1), 3, 2011
Considering structural connectivity in the triple code model of numerical cognition: differential connectivity for magnitude processing and arithmetic facts
E Klein, J Suchan, K Moeller, HO Karnath, A Knops, G Wood, HC Nuerk, ...
Brain Structure and Function 221 (2), 979-995, 2016
A review on functional and structural brain connectivity in numerical cognition
K Moeller, K Willmes, E Klein
Frontiers in human neuroscience 9, 227, 2015
The influence of implicit hand-based representations on mental arithmetic
E Klein, K Moeller, K Willmes, HC Nuerk, F Domahs
Frontiers in Psychology 2, 197, 2011
Processing pathways in mental arithmetic—evidence from probabilistic fiber tracking
E Klein, K Moeller, V Glauche, C Weiller, K Willmes
PloS one 8 (1), e55455, 2013
Increased emotional engagement in game-based learning–A machine learning approach on facial emotion detection data
M Ninaus, S Greipl, K Kiili, A Lindstedt, S Huber, E Klein, HO Karnath, ...
Computers & Education 142, 103641, 2019
EEG-based prediction of cognitive workload induced by arithmetic: a step towards online adaptation in numerical learning
M Spüler, C Walter, W Rosenstiel, P Gerjets, K Moeller, E Klein
Zdm 48 (3), 267-278, 2016
To carry or not to carry—Is this the question? Disentangling the carry effect in multi-digit addition
E Klein, K Moeller, K Dressel, F Domahs, G Wood, K Willmes, HC Nuerk
Acta psychologica 135 (1), 67-76, 2010
The exact vs. approximate distinction in numerical cognition may not be exact, but only approximate: How different processes work together in multi-digit addition
E Klein, HC Nuerk, G Wood, A Knops, K Willmes
Brain and cognition 69 (2), 369-381, 2009
The influence of math anxiety on symbolic and non-symbolic magnitude processing
JF Dietrich, S Huber, K Moeller, E Klein
Frontiers in Psychology 6, 1621, 2015
Language influences on numerical development—Inversion effects on multi-digit number processing
E Klein, J Bahnmueller, A Mann, S Pixner, L Kaufmann, HC Nuerk, ...
Frontiers in Psychology 4, 480, 2013
Spatial–numerical and ordinal positional associations coexist in parallel
S Huber, E Klein, K Moeller, K Willmes
Frontiers in psychology 7, 438, 2016
Operational momentum affects eye fixation behaviour
E Klein, S Huber, HC Nuerk, K Moeller
Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 67 (8), 1614-1625, 2014
Embodied markedness of parity? Examining handedness effects on parity judgments
S Huber, E Klein, M Graf, HC Nuerk, K Moeller, K Willmes
Psychological research 79 (6), 963-977, 2015
Rehabilitation of arithmetic fact retrieval via extensive practice: a combined fMRI and behavioural case-study
L Zaunmüller, F Domahs, K Dressel, J Lonnemann, E Klein, A Ischebeck, ...
Neuropsychological Rehabilitation 19 (3), 422-443, 2009
Fact learning in complex arithmetic—the role of the angular gyrus revisited
J Bloechle, S Huber, J Bahnmueller, J Rennig, K Willmes, S Cavdaroglu, ...
Human Brain Mapping 37 (9), 3061-3079, 2016
Insights into numerical cognition: Considering eye-fixations in number processing and arithmetic
J Mock, S Huber, E Klein, K Moeller
Psychological Research 80 (3), 334-359, 2016
Bilateral bi-cephalic tDCS with two active electrodes of the same polarity modulates bilateral cognitive processes differentially
E Klein, A Mann, S Huber, J Bloechle, K Willmes, AA Karim, HC Nuerk, ...
PLoS One 8 (8), e71607, 2013
Three processes underlying the carry effect in addition–Evidence from eye tracking
K Moeller, E Klein, HC Nuerk
British Journal of Psychology 102 (3), 623-645, 2011
Decimal fraction representations are not distinct from natural number representations–evidence from a combined eye-tracking and computational modeling approach
S Huber, E Klein, K Willmes, HC Nuerk, K Moeller
Frontiers in human neuroscience 8, 172, 2014
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