Angela Sierra-Almeida
Angela Sierra-Almeida
Botany Department, University of Concepción
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Positive interactions between alpine plant species and the nurse cushion plant Laretia acaulis do not increase with elevation in the Andes of central Chile
LA Cavieres, EI Badano, A Sierra‐Almeida, S Gómez‐González, ...
New Phytologist 169 (1), 59-69, 2006
Microclimatic modifications of cushion plants and their consequences for seedling survival of native and non-native herbaceous species in the high Andes of central Chile
LA Cavieres, EI Badano, A Sierra-Almeida, MA Molina-Montenegro
Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research 39 (2), 229-236, 2007
Freezing resistance varies within the growing season and with elevation in high‐Andean species of central Chile
A Sierra‐Almeida, LA Cavieres, LA Bravo
New Phytologist 182 (2), 461-469, 2009
Summer freezing resistance decreased in high-elevation plants exposed to experimental warming in the central Chilean Andes
A Sierra-Almeida, LA Cavieres
Oecologia 163, 267-276, 2010
Does plant-derived smoke affect seed germination in dominant woody species of the Mediterranean matorral of central Chile?
S Gómez-González, A Sierra-Almeida, LA Cavieres
Forest Ecology and Management 255 (5-6), 1510-1515, 2008
Facilitation among plants as an insurance policy for diversity in Alpine communities
LA Cavieres, C Hernández‐Fuentes, A Sierra‐Almeida, Z Kikvidze
Functional Ecology 30, 52-59, 2016
Ecophysiological traits of Antarctic vascular plants: their importance in the responses to climate change
LA Cavieres, P Sáez, C Sanhueza, A Sierra-Almeida, C Rabert, ...
Plant Ecology 217, 343-358, 2016
Frost as a limiting factor for recruitment and establishment of early development stages in an alpine glacier foreland?
S Marcante, A Sierra‐Almeida, JP Spindelböck, B Erschbamer, G Neuner
Journal of Vegetation Science 23 (5), 858-868, 2012
Facilitative interactions do not wane with warming at high elevations in the Andes
LA Cavieres, A Sierra-Almeida
Oecologia 170, 575-584, 2012
Summer freezing resistance:a critical filter for plant community assemblies in mediterranean High mountains
DS Pescador, A Sierra-Almeida, PJ Torres, A Escudero
Frontiers in Plant Science, 2016
Summer freezing resistance of high-elevation plant species changes with ontogeny
A Sierra-Almeida, LA Cavieres
Environmental and Experimental Botany 80, 10-15, 2012
Robustness of activity of Calvin cycle enzymes after high light and low temperature conditions in Antarctic vascular plants
E Perez-Torres, L Bascunan, A Sierra, LA Bravo, LJ Corcuera
Polar Biology 29 (11), 909-916, 2006
Warmer Temperatures Affect the in situ Freezing Resistance of the Antarctic Vascular Plants
A Sierra-Almeida, LA Cavieres, LA Bravo
Frontiers in plant science 9, 1456, 2018
Drought increases the freezing resistance of high-elevation plants of the Central Chilean Andes
A Sierra-Almeida, C Reyes-Bahamonde, LA Cavieres
Oecologia 181, 1011-1023, 2016
Freezing resistance of high-elevation plant species is not related to their height or growth-form in the Central Chilean Andes
A Sierra-Almeida, LA Cavieres, LA Bravo
Environmental and Experimental Botany 69 (3), 273-278, 2010
Assessing the importance of cold-stratification for seed germination in alpine plant species of the High-Andes of central Chile
LA Cavieres, A Sierra-Almeida
Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 30, 125-131, 2018
Photosynthetic light responses may explain vertical distribution of Hymenophyllaceae species in a temperate rainforest of southern Chile
MJ Parra, KI Acuña, A Sierra-Almeida, C Sanfuentes, A Saldaña, ...
PLoS One 10 (12), e0145475, 2015
Photosynthetic responses to temperature and light of Antarctic and Andean populations of Colobanthus quitensis (Caryophyllaceae)
A Sierra-Almeida, MA Casanova-Katny, LA Bravo, LJ Corcuera, ...
Revista Chilena de Historia Natural 80 (3), 335-343, 2007
Winter is coming: plant freezing resistance as a key functional trait for the assembly of annual Mediterranean communities
DS Pescador, AM Sánchez, AL Luzuriaga, A Sierra-Almeida, A Escudero
Annals of botany 121 (2), 335-344, 2018
Combined effect of microplastics and Cd alters the enzymatic activity of soil and the productivity of strawberry plants
A Pinto-Poblete, J Retamal-Salgado, MD López, N Zapata, ...
Plants 11 (4), 536, 2022
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