Robert Whelan
Robert Whelan
Professor, Global Brain Health Institute, School of Psychology, TCIN, Trinity College Dublin
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FASTER: Fully Automated Statistical Thresholding for EEG artifact Rejection
H Nolan*, R Whelan*, RB Reilly
Journal of neuroscience methods 192 (1), 152-162, 2010
Effective analysis of reaction time data
R Whelan
The Psychological Record 58 (3), 9, 2008
A consensus guide to capturing the ability to inhibit actions and impulsive behaviors in the stop-signal task
F Verbruggen, AR Aron, GPH Band, C Beste, PG Bissett, AT Brockett, ...
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The genetic architecture of the human cerebral cortex
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Adolescent impulsivity phenotypes characterized by distinct brain networks
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Neuropsychosocial profiles of current and future adolescent alcohol misusers
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Characterizing a psychiatric symptom dimension related to deficits in goal-directed control
CM Gillan, M Kosinski, R Whelan, EA Phelps, ND Daw
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The brain’s response to reward anticipation and depression in adolescence: dimensionality, specificity, and longitudinal predictions in a community-based sample
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The Acceptance and Action Questionnaire-II (AAQ-II) as a measure of experiential avoidance: Concerns over discriminant validity
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The structure of psychopathology in adolescence and its common personality and cognitive correlates.
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When optimism hurts: inflated predictions in psychiatric neuroimaging
R Whelan, H Garavan
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Early cannabis use, polygenic risk score for schizophrenia and brain maturation in adolescence
L French, C Gray, G Leonard, M Perron, GB Pike, L Richer, JR Séguin, ...
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The transformation of consequential functions in accordance with the relational frames of same and opposite
R Whelan, D Barnes‐Holmes
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Human subcortical brain asymmetries in 15,847 people worldwide reveal effects of age and sex
T Guadalupe, SR Mathias, TGM Vanerp, CD Whelan, MP Zwiers, Y Abe, ...
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Derived stimulus relations, semantic priming, and event‐related potentials: Testing a behavioral theory of semantic networks
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Temporal discrimination threshold: VBM evidence for an endophenotype in adult onset primary torsion dystonia
D Bradley, R Whelan, R Walsh, RB Reilly, S Hutchinson, F Molloy, ...
Brain 132 (9), 2327-2335, 2009
Neural and Cognitive Correlates of the Common and Specific Variance Across Externalizing Problems in Young Adolescence
N Castellanos-Ryan, M Struve, R Whelan, T Banaschewski, GJ Barker, ...
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Quantifying performance of machine learning methods for neuroimaging data
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Transformation of avoidance response functions in accordance with same and opposite relational frames
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Citation Analysis of Skinner’s Verbal Behavior: 1984–2004
S Dymond, D O’Hora, R Whelan, A O’Donovan
The Behavior Analyst 29, 75-88, 2006
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