Aster Gebrekirstos (ICRAF)
Aster Gebrekirstos (ICRAF)
Scientist -World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)
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Climate–growth relationships of the dominant tree species from semi-arid savanna woodland in Ethiopia
A Gebrekirstos, R Mitlöhner, D Teketay, M Worbes
Trees 22 (5), 631, 2008
Cambial growth dynamics and climatic control of different tree life forms in tropical mountain forest in Ethiopia
J Krepkowski, A Bräuning, A Gebrekirstos, S Strobl
Trees 25 (1), 59-70, 2011
Adaptation of five co-occurring tree and shrub species to water stress and its implication in restoration of degraded lands
A Gebrekirstos, D Teketay, M Fetene, R Mitlöhner
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FH Wagner, B Hérault, D Bonal, C Stahl, LO Anderson, TR Baker, ...
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Stable carbon isotope ratios in tree rings of co-occurring species from semi-arid tropics in Africa: patterns and climatic signals
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Opportunities and applications of dendrochronology in Africa
A Gebrekirstos, A Bräuning, U Sass-Klassen, C Mbow
Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 6, 48-53, 2014
Relationships of stable carbon isotopes, plant water potential and growth: an approach to asses water use efficiency and growth strategies of dry land agroforestry species
A Gebrekirstos, M van Noordwijk, H Neufeldt, R Mitlöhner
Trees 25 (1), 95-102, 2011
Dendrochronology in the dry tropics: the Ethiopian case
THG Wils, UGW Sass-Klaassen, Z Eshetu, A Bräuning, A Gebrekirstos, ...
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Pricing rainbow, green, blue and grey water: tree cover and geopolitics of climatic teleconnections
M van Noordwijk, S Namirembe, D Catacutan, D Williamson, ...
Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 6, 41-47, 2014
Stable carbon isotope labeling reveals different carry‐over effects between functional types of tropical trees in an Ethiopian mountain forest
J Krepkowski, A Gebrekirstos, O Shibistova, A Bräuning
New Phytologist 199 (2), 431-440, 2013
Tree dieback affects climate change mitigation potential of a dry afromontane forest in northern Ethiopia
M Mokria, A Gebrekirstos, E Aynekulu, A Bräuning
Forest Ecology and Management 344, 73-83, 2015
Multi‐century tree‐ring precipitation record reveals increasing frequency of extreme dry events in the upper Blue Nile River catchment
M Mokria, A Gebrekirstos, A Abiyu, M Van Noordwijk, A Bräuning
Global Change Biology 23 (12), 5436-5454, 2017
Impacts of precipitation variability on the dynamics of a dry tropical montane forest
U Hiltner, A Bräuning, A Gebrekirstos, A Huth, R Fischer
Ecological Modelling 320, 92-101, 2016
Growth dynamics and potential for cross-dating and multi-century climate reconstruction of Podocarpus falcatus in Ethiopia
J Krepkowski, A Bräuning, A Gebrekirstos
Dendrochronologia 30 (4), 257-265, 2012
Assessing drought variability since 1650 AD from tree‐rings on the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, southwest China
Y Bi, J Xu, A Gebrekirstos, L Guo, M Zhao, E Liang, X Yang
International Journal of Climatology 35 (14), 4057-4065, 2015
Potential of dendrochronology in assessing carbon sequestration rates of Vitellaria paradoxa in southern Mali, West Africa
K Sanogo, A Gebrekirstos, J Bayala, GB Villamor, A Kalinganire, ...
Dendrochronologia 40, 26-35, 2016
Tree-ring record in Ethiopian church forests reveals successive generation differences in growth rates and disturbance events
A Abiyu, M Mokria, A Gebrekirstos, A Braeuning
Forest Ecology and Management 409, 835-844, 2018
Trends in tree growth and intrinsic water-use efficiency in the tropics under elevated CO 2 and climate change
M Rahman, M Islam, A Gebrekirstos, A Bräuning
Trees 33 (3), 623-640, 2019
Ring-widths of the above tree-line shrub Rhododendron reveal the change of minimum winter temperature over the past 211 years in Southwestern China
Y Bi, J Xu, J Yang, Z Li, A Gebrekirstos, E Liang, S Zhang, Y Yang, Y Yang, ...
Climate Dynamics 48 (11), 3919-3933, 2017
Earlywood and latewood stable carbon and oxygen isotope variations in two pine species in Southwestern China during the recent decades
PL Fu, J Grießinger, A Gebrekirstos, ZX Fan, A Bräuning
Frontiers in plant science 7, 2050, 2017
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