Arthur Olson
Arthur Olson
Professsor The Scripps Research Institute
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AutoDock Vina: improving the speed and accuracy of docking with a new scoring function, efficient optimization, and multithreading
O Trott, AJ Olson
Journal of computational chemistry 31 (2), 455-461, 2010
AutoDock4 and AutoDockTools4: Automated docking with selective receptor flexibility
GM Morris, R Huey, W Lindstrom, MF Sanner, RK Belew, DS Goodsell, ...
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Automated docking using a Lamarckian genetic algorithm and an empirical binding free energy function
GM Morris, DS Goodsell, RS Halliday, R Huey, WE Hart, RK Belew, ...
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Small-molecule library screening by docking with PyRx
S Dallakyan, AJ Olson
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A semiempirical free energy force field with charge‐based desolvation
R Huey, GM Morris, AJ Olson, DS Goodsell
Journal of computational chemistry 28 (6), 1145-1152, 2007
Reduced surface: an efficient way to compute molecular surfaces
MF Sanner, AJ Olson, JC Spehner
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DS Goodsell, GM Morris, AJ Olson
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S Forli, R Huey, ME Pique, MF Sanner, DS Goodsell, AJ Olson
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DS Goodsell, AJ Olson
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GM Morris, DS Goodsell, R Huey, AJ Olson
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Structural symmetry and protein function
DS Goodsell, AJ Olson
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Using autodock for ligand‐receptor docking
GM Morris, R Huey, AJ Olson
Current protocols in bioinformatics 24 (1), 8.14. 1-8.14. 40, 2008
Immunogenic structure of the influenza virus hemagglutinin
N Green, H Alexander, A Olson, S Alexander, TM Shinnick, JG Sutcliffe, ...
Cell 28 (3), 477-487, 1982
Tomato bushy stunt virus at 2.9 Å resolution
SC Harrison, AJ Olson, CE Schutt, FK Winkler, G Bricogne
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Proteome-wide covalent ligand discovery in native biological systems
KM Backus, BE Correia, KM Lum, S Forli, BD Horning, GE González-Páez, ...
Nature 534 (7608), 570-574, 2016
Virtual screening with AutoDock: theory and practice
S Cosconati, S Forli, AL Perryman, R Harris, DS Goodsell, AJ Olson
Expert opinion on drug discovery 5 (6), 597-607, 2010
Inhibitors of HIV-1 protease by using in situ click chemistry
M Whiting, J Muldoon, YC Lin, SM Silverman, W Lindstrom, AJ Olson, ...
Angewandte Chemie (International Ed. in English) 45 (9), 1435-1439, 2006
Automated docking to multiple target structures: incorporation of protein mobility and structural water heterogeneity in AutoDock
F Österberg, GM Morris, MF Sanner, AJ Olson, DS Goodsell
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 46 (1), 34-40, 2002
Structure, function and properties of antibody binding sites
IS Mian, AR Bradwell, AJ Olson
Journal of molecular biology 217 (1), 133-151, 1991
The reactivity of anti-peptide antibodies is a function of the atomic mobility of sites in a protein
JA Tainer, ED Getzoff, H Alexander, RA Houghten, AJ Olson, RA Lerner, ...
Nature 312 (5990), 127-134, 1984
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