Paul D. Hutchins
Paul D. Hutchins
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Mitochondrial protein functions elucidated by multi-omic mass spectrometry profiling
JA Stefely, NW Kwiecien, EC Freiberger, AL Richards, A Jochem, ...
Nature biotechnology, 2016
LipiDex: An Integrated Software Package for High-Confidence Lipid Identification
PD Hutchins, JD Russell, JJ Coon
Cell systems 6 (5), 621-625. e5, 2018
Cerebellar ataxia and coenzyme Q deficiency through loss of unorthodox kinase activity
JA Stefely, F Licitra, L Laredj, AG Reidenbach, ZA Kemmerer, ...
Molecular Cell 63 (4), 608-620, 2016
Multi-omics reveal specific targets of the RNA-binding protein Puf3p and its orchestration of mitochondrial biogenesis
CP Lapointe, JA Stefely, A Jochem, PD Hutchins, GM Wilson, ...
Cell systems 6 (1), 125-135. e6, 2018
Caloric Restriction Engages Hepatic RNA Processing Mechanisms in Rhesus Monkeys
TW Rhoads, MS Burhans, VB Chen, PD Hutchins, MJP Rush, JP Clark, ...
Cell Metabolism 27 (3), 677-688. e5, 2018
Conserved lipid and small-molecule modulation of COQ8 reveals regulation of the ancient kinase-like UbiB family
AG Reidenbach, ZA Kemmerer, D Aydin, A Jochem, MT McDevitt, ...
Cell chemical biology 25 (2), 154-165. e11, 2018
Multi-omic mitoprotease profiling defines a role for Oct1p in coenzyme Q production
MT Veling, AG Reidenbach, EC Freiberger, NW Kwiecien, PD Hutchins, ...
Molecular cell 68 (5), 970-977. e11, 2017
Ptc7p Dephosphorylates Select Mitochondrial Proteins to Enhance Metabolic Function
X Guo, NM Niemi, PD Hutchins, SGF Condon, A Jochem, A Ulbrich, ...
Cell Reports 18 (2), 307-313, 2017
An isoprene lipid-binding protein promotes eukaryotic coenzyme Q biosynthesis
DC Lohman, D Aydin, HC Von Bank, RW Smith, V Linke, E Weisenhorn, ...
Molecular cell 73 (4), 763-774. e10, 2019
A large-scale genome–lipid association map guides lipid identification
V Linke, KA Overmyer, IJ Miller, DR Brademan, PD Hutchins, EA Trujillo, ...
Nature Metabolism 2 (10), 1149-1162, 2020
Ongoing resolution of duplicate gene functions shapes the diversification of a metabolic network
MC Kuang, PD Hutchins, JD Russell, JJ Coon, CT Hittinger
Elife 5, e19027, 2016
UbiB proteins regulate cellular CoQ distribution in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
ZA Kemmerer, KP Robinson, JM Schmitz, M Manicki, BR Paulson, ...
Nature Communications 12 (1), 4769, 2021
Defining mitochondrial protein functions through deep multiomic profiling
JW Rensvold, E Shishkova, Y Sverchkov, IJ Miller, A Cetinkaya, A Pyle, ...
Nature 606 (7913), 382-388, 2022
Mapping Lipid Fragmentation for Tailored Mass Spectral Libraries
PD Hutchins, JD Russell, JJ Coon
Journal of The American Society for Mass Spectrometry 30 (4), 659-668, 2019
Accelerating Lipidomic Method Development through in Silico Simulation
PD Hutchins, JD Russell, JJ Coon
Analytical chemistry 91 (15), 9698-9706, 2019
Maximizing MS/MS Acquisition for Lipidomics Using Capillary Separation and Orbitrap Tribrid Mass Spectrometer
Y He, DR Brademan, PD Hutchins, KA Overmyer, JJ Coon
Analytical Chemistry 94 (7), 3394-3399, 2022
Computational Strategies for the Generation and Analysis of Mass Spectrometry-Based Lipidomics Data
PD Hutchins
The University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2019
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