Seferin Mirtchev
Seferin Mirtchev
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Evaluation of Pareto/D/1/K Queue by Simulation
S Mirtchev, R Goleva
International Book Series “Information Science&Computing” 2 (1), 45-52, 2008
Data and traffic models in 5G network
R Goleva, R Stainov, D Wagenknecht-Dimitrova, S Mirtchev, D Atamian, ...
Internet of Things (IoT) in 5G Mobile Technologies, 485-499, 2016
Evaluation of a single server delay system with a generalized poisson input stream
S Mirtchev, I Stanev
International Teletraffic Congress (ITC19), Beijing, China 6, 553-542, 2005
Generalised Pollaczek–Khinchin formula for the Polya/G/1 queue
ST Mirtchev, I Ganchev
Electronics Letters 53 (1), 27-29, 2017
3G network traffic sources measurement and analysis
R Goleva, D Atamian, S Mirtchev, D Dimitrova, L Grigorova
Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies 25 (8), 798-814, 2014
New constant service time Polya/D/n traffic model with peaked input stream
S Mirtchev, R Goleva
Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory 34, 200-207, 2013
Evaluation of single server queueing system with Polya arrival process and constant service time
S Mirtchev, R Goleva, V Alexiev
Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Technologies, 203-212, 2010
Discrete time single server queueing model with a multimodal packet size distribution
S Mirtchev, R Goleva
Modeling and Control of Information Processes, Atanasova T ed.. Sofia …, 2009
Traffic sources measurement and analysis in UMTS
R Goleva, D Atamian, S Mirtchev, D Dimitrova, L Grigorova
Proceedings of the 1st ACM workshop on High performance mobile opportunistic …, 2012
Generalised erlang loss formula
VB Iversen, ST Mirtchev
Electronics Letters 32 (8), 712-713, 1996
Traffic analyses and measurements: technological dependability
R Goleva, D Atamian, S Mirtchev, D Dimitrova, L Grigorova, R Rangelov, ...
Resource Management of Mobile Cloud Computing Networks and Environments, 122-173, 2015
Traffic Modelling in Disruption-tolerant Networks
R Goleva, S Mirtchev
Annual Seminar of the PTT College “Modelling and Control of Information …, 2010
А Discrete Time Queueing Model with a Constant Packet Size
S Mirtchev, R Goleva
XLIV International Scientific Conference on Information, Communication and …, 2009
Investigation of priority queue with peaked traffic flows
S Mirtchev, R Goleva, D Atamian, I Ganchev
Proceedings of the 33rd Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, 1017-1019, 2018
Generic IP network traffic management from measurement through analyses to simulation
S Mirtchev, CX Mavromoustakis, R Goleva, K Kassev, G Mastorakis
Resource Management in Mobile Computing Environments, 167-192, 2014
Teletraffic engineering
ST Mirtchev
TU-Sofia, 1999
AALaaS intelligent backhauls for P2P communication in 5G mobile networks
R Stainov, M Mirchev, R Goleva, S Mirtchev, D Atamian, A Savov, ...
2016 IEEE International Black Sea Conference on Communications and …, 2016
Traffic shaping measurements and analyses in 3G network
R Goleva, D Atamian, S Mirtchev, D Dimitrova, L Grigorova
Proceedings of the 2nd ACM workshop on High performance mobile opportunistic …, 2013
Palm's Machine-Repair Model with a Generalised Poisson Input Stream and Constant Service Time
ST Mirtchev
2006 International Conference on Software in Telecommunications and Computer …, 2006
Packet-level link capacity evaluation for IP networks
ST Mirtchev
Cybernetics and Information Technologies 18 (1), 30-40, 2018
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