Imogen Foubert
Imogen Foubert
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Flocculation as a low-cost method for harvesting microalgae for bulk biomass production
D Vandamme, I Foubert, K Muylaert
Trends in biotechnology 31 (4), 233-239, 2013
Antioxidant potential of microalgae in relation to their phenolic and carotenoid content
K Goiris, K Muylaert, I Fraeye, I Foubert, J De Brabanter, L De Cooman
Journal of applied phycology 24 (6), 1477-1486, 2012
Optimization of an analytical procedure for extraction of lipids from microalgae
E Ryckebosch, K Muylaert, I Foubert
Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society 89 (2), 189-198, 2012
Flocculation of microalgae using cationic starch
D Vandamme, I Foubert, B Meesschaert, K Muylaert
Journal of applied Phycology 22 (4), 525-530, 2010
Flocculation of Chlorella vulgaris induced by high pH: role of magnesium and calcium and practical implications
D Vandamme, I Foubert, I Fraeye, B Meesschaert, K Muylaert
Bioresource technology 105, 114-119, 2012
Evaluation of electro‐coagulation–flocculation for harvesting marine and freshwater microalgae
D Vandamme, SCV Pontes, K Goiris, I Foubert, LJJ Pinoy, K Muylaert
Biotechnology and bioengineering 108 (10), 2320-2329, 2011
Harvesting microalgal biomass using submerged microfiltration membranes
MR Bilad, D Vandamme, I Foubert, K Muylaert, IFJ Vankelecom
Bioresource technology 111, 343-352, 2012
Dietary enrichment of eggs with omega-3 fatty acids: A review
I Fraeye, C Bruneel, C Lemahieu, J Buyse, K Muylaert, I Foubert
Food Research International 48 (2), 961-969, 2012
Nutritional evaluation of microalgae oils rich in omega-3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids as an alternative for fish oil
E Ryckebosch, C Bruneel, R Termote-Verhalle, K Goiris, K Muylaert, ...
Food Chemistry 160, 393-400, 2014
Microalgae as an alternative source of omega‐3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids
E Ryckebosch, C Bruneel, K Muylaert, I Foubert
Lipid Technology 24 (6), 128-130, 2012
Influence of organic matter generated by Chlorella vulgaris on five different modes of flocculation
D Vandamme, I Foubert, I Fraeye, K Muylaert
Bioresource Technology 124, 508-511, 2012
Harvesting microalgal biomass using a magnetically induced membrane vibration (MMV) system: filtration performance and energy consumption
MR Bilad, V Discart, D Vandamme, I Foubert, K Muylaert, IFJ Vankelecom
Bioresource technology 138, 329-338, 2013
Coupled cultivation and pre-harvesting of microalgae in a membrane photobioreactor (MPBR)
MR Bilad, V Discart, D Vandamme, I Foubert, K Muylaert, IFJ Vankelecom
Bioresource technology 155, 410-417, 2014
Influence of Drying and Storage on Lipid and Carotenoid Stability of the Microalga Phaeodactylum tricornutum
E Ryckebosch, K Muylaert, M Eeckhout, T Ruyssen, I Foubert
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 59 (20), 11063-11069, 2011
Impact of feed supplementation with different omega-3 rich microalgae species on enrichment of eggs of laying hens
C Lemahieu, C Bruneel, R Termote-Verhalle, K Muylaert, J Buyse, ...
Food Chemistry 141 (4), 4051-4059, 2013
Impact of microalgal feed supplementation on omega-3 fatty acid enrichment of hen eggs
C Bruneel, C Lemahieu, I Fraeye, E Ryckebosch, K Muylaert, J Buyse, ...
Journal of functional foods 5 (2), 897-904, 2013
Dynamic mathematical model of the crystallization kinetics of fats
I Foubert, PA Vanrolleghem, B Vanhoutte, K Dewettinck
Food research international 35 (10), 945-956, 2002
Bioflocculation as an innovative harvesting strategy for microalgae
MA Alam, D Vandamme, W Chun, X Zhao, I Foubert, Z Wang, K Muylaert, ...
Reviews in Environmental Science and Bio/Technology 15 (4), 573-583, 2016
Modelling of the crystallization kinetics of fats
I Foubert, K Dewettinck, PA Vanrolleghem
Trends in food science & technology 14 (3), 79-92, 2003
Flocculation properties of several microalgae and a cyanobacterium species during ferric chloride, chitosan and alkaline flocculation
S Lama, K Muylaert, TB Karki, I Foubert, RK Henderson, D Vandamme
Bioresource technology 220, 464-470, 2016
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