Andrew A. Wilson
Andrew A. Wilson
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine
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SARS-CoV-2 infection of pluripotent stem cell-derived human lung alveolar type 2 cells elicits a rapid epithelial-intrinsic inflammatory response
J Huang, AJ Hume, KM Abo, RB Werder, C Villacorta-Martin, ...
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Electronic medical records and the transgender patient: recommendations from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health EMR Working Group
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The prolonged life-span of alveolar macrophages
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Intracellular Bacillary Burden Reflects a Burst Size for Mycobacterium tuberculosis In Vivo
T Repasy, J Lee, S Marino, N Martinez, DE Kirschner, G Hendricks, ...
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Reconstructed single-cell fate trajectories define lineage plasticity windows during differentiation of human PSC-derived distal lung progenitors
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Characterization of the COPD alveolar niche using single-cell RNA sequencing
M Sauler, JE McDonough, TS Adams, N Kothapalli, T Barnthaler, ...
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Amelioration of emphysema in mice through lentiviral transduction of long-lived pulmonary alveolar macrophages
AA Wilson, GJ Murphy, H Hamakawa, LW Kwok, S Srinivasan, AH Hovav, ...
The Journal of clinical investigation 120 (1), 379-389, 2010
Emergence of a stage-dependent human liver disease signature with directed differentiation of alpha-1 antitrypsin-deficient iPS cells
AA Wilson, L Ying, M Liesa, CP Segeritz, JA Mills, SS Shen, J Jean, ...
Stem cell reports 4 (5), 873-885, 2015
Roles of lung epithelium in neutrophil recruitment during pneumococcal pneumonia
K Yamamoto, ANN Ahyi, ZA Pepper-Cunningham, JD Ferrari, AA Wilson, ...
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Actionable cytopathogenic host responses of human alveolar type 2 cells to SARS-CoV-2
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Induced pluripotent stem cells model personalized variations in liver disease resulting from α1‐antitrypsin deficiency
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Lentiviral delivery of RNAi for in vivo lineage-specific modulation of gene expression in mouse lung macrophages
AA Wilson, LW Kwok, EL Porter, JG Payne, GS McElroy, SJ Ohle, ...
Molecular Therapy 21 (4), 825-833, 2013
Sustained expression of α1-antitrypsin after transplantation of manipulated hematopoietic stem cells
AA Wilson, LW Kwok, AH Hovav, SJ Ohle, FF Little, A Fine, DN Kotton
American journal of respiratory cell and molecular biology 39 (2), 133-141, 2008
Human iPSC-derived alveolar and airway epithelial cells can be cultured at air-liquid interface and express SARS-CoV-2 host factors
KM Abo, L Ma, T Matte, J Huang, KD Alysandratos, RB Werder, A Mithal, ...
Biorxiv, 2020
High-spin structure of the neutron-rich 107,109 45Rh isotopes: the role of triaxiality
T Venkova, MG Porquet, I Deloncle, BJP Gall, H De Witte, P Petkov, ...
The European Physical Journal A-Hadrons and Nuclei 6, 405-413, 1999
hiPSC hepatocyte model demonstrates the role of unfolded protein response and inflammatory networks in α1-antitrypsin deficiency
CP Segeritz, ST Rashid, MC de Brito, MP Serra, A Ordonez, CM Morell, ...
Journal of hepatology 69 (4), 851-860, 2018
Loss of TDP-43 function and rimmed vacuoles persist after T cell depletion in a xenograft model of sporadic inclusion body myositis
KA Britson, JP Ling, KE Braunstein, JM Montagne, JM Kastenschmidt, ...
Science translational medicine 14 (628), eabi9196, 2022
Glucose> 200 mg/dL during continuous glucose monitoring identifies adult patients at risk for development of cystic fibrosis related diabetes
JL Taylor-Cousar, JS Janssen, A Wilson, CGS Clair, KM Pickard, ...
Journal of Diabetes Research 2016 (1), 1527932, 2016
Another notch in stem cell biology: Drosophila intestinal stem cells and the specification of cell fates
AA Wilson, DN Kotton
Bioessays 30 (2), 107-109, 2008
Collective Oscillations in a Simple Metal. I. Spin Waves
A Wilson, DR Fredkin
Physical Review B 2 (11), 4656, 1970
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