Olga Poppe
Olga Poppe
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A CEP babelfish: Languages for complex event processing and querying surveyed
M Eckert, F Bry, S Brodt, O Poppe, S Hausmann
Reasoning in Event-Based Distributed Systems, 47-70, 2011
Complete Event Trend Detection in High-Rate Event Streams
O Poppe, C Lei, S Ahmed, EA Rundensteiner
SIGMOD, 109-124, 2017
Cloudy with high chance of DBMS: A 10-year prediction for Enterprise-Grade ML
A.Agrawal, R.Chatterjee, C.Curino, A.Floratou, N.Gowdal, M.Interlandi, A ...
CIDR, 2020
Two Semantics for CEP, no Double Talk: Complex Event Relational Algebra (CERA) and Its Application to XChangeEQ
M Eckert, F Bry, S Brodt, O Poppe, S Hausmann
Reasoning in event-based distributed systems, 71-97, 2011
SPARQLog: SPARQL with rules and quantification
F Bry, T Furche, B Marnette, C Ley, B Linse, O Poppe
Semantic Web Information Management, 341-370, 2010
Greta: Graph-based real-time event trend aggregation
O Poppe, C Lei, EA Rundensteiner, D Maier
PVLDB 11 (1), 80-92, 2017
Magpie: Python at speed and scale using cloud backends
A Jindal, KV Emani, M Daum, O Poppe, B Haynes, A Pavlenko, A Gupta, ...
CIDR, 2021
Event trend aggregation under rich event matching semantics
O Poppe, C Lei, EA Rundensteiner, D Maier
SIGMOD, 555-572, 2019
Seagull: An infrastructure for load prediction and optimized resource allocation
O Poppe, T Amuneke, D Banda, A De, A Green, M Knoertzer, ...
PVLDB 14 (2), 154-162, 2020
Sharon: Shared online event sequence aggregation
O Poppe, A Rozet, C Lei, EA Rundensteiner, D Maier
ICDE, 737-748, 2018
Context-Aware Event Stream Analytics.
O Poppe, C Lei, EA Rundensteiner, DJ Dougherty
EDBT, 413-424, 2016
The HIT model: workflow-aware event stream monitoring
O Poppe, S Giessl, EA Rundensteiner, F Bry
Transactions on Large-Scale Data-and Knowledge-Centered Systems XI, 26-50, 2013
Four lessons in versatility or how query languages adapt to the web
F Bry, T Furche, B Linse, A Pohl, A Weinzierl, O Yestekhina
Semantic Techniques for the Web, 50-160, 2009
To share, or not to share online event trend aggregation over bursty event streams
O Poppe, C Lei, L Ma, A Rozet, EA Rundensteiner
SIGMOD, 1452-1464, 2021
Muse: Multi-query event trend aggregation
A Rozet, O Poppe, C Lei, EA Rundensteiner
CIKM, 2193-2196, 2020
MLOS: An Infrastructure for Automated Software Performance Engineering
C Curino, N Godwal, B Kroth, S Kuryata, G Lapinski, S Liu, S Oks, ...
Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Data Management for End …, 2020
A survey on it-techniques for a dynamic emergency management in large infrastructures
S Brodt, S Hausmann, F Bry, O Poppe, M Eckert
Database and data stream query
O Poppe, A Simitsis, WK Wilkinson
US Patent 20170270166A1, 2016
Exploiting Sharing Opportunities for Real-time Complex Event Analytics
EA Rundensteiner, O Poppe, C Lei, M Ray, L Cao, Y Qi, M Liu, D Wang
IEEE Technical Committee on Data Engineering 38 (4), 82-94, 2015
Gloria: Graph-based Sharing Optimizer for Event Trend Aggregation
L Ma, C Lei, O Poppe, EA Rundensteiner
Proceedings of the 2022 International Conference on Management of Data, 1122 …, 2022
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