Stefka Cartaleva
Stefka Cartaleva
Institute of Electronics, bulgarian Academy of Sciences
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Coherent effects on the Zeeman sublevels of hyperfine states in optical pumping of Rb by monomode diode laser
Y Dancheva, G Alzetta, S Cartaleva, M Taslakov, C Andreeva
Optics Communications 178 (1-3), 103-110, 2000
Coherent spectroscopy of degenerate two-level systems in Cs
C Andreeva, S Cartaleva, Y Dancheva, V Biancalana, A Burchianti, ...
Physical Review A 66 (1), 012502, 2002
Enhanced absorption Hanle effect in the configuration of crossed laser beam and magnetic field
F Renzoni, S Cartaleva, G Alzetta, E Arimondo
Physical Review A 63 (6), 065401, 2001
Saturation effects in the sub-Doppler spectroscopy of cesium vapor confined in an extremely thin cell
C Andreeva, S Cartaleva, L Petrov, SM Saltiel, D Sarkisyan, ...
Physical Review A 76 (1), 013837, 2007
Cesium coherent population trapping magnetometer for cardiosignal detection in an unshielded environment
J Belfi, G Bevilacqua, V Biancalana, S Cartaleva, Y Dancheva, L Moi
JOSA B 24 (9), 2357-2362, 2007
Coherent effects on the Zeeman sublevels of hyperfine states at the D1 and D2 lines of Rb
G Alzetta, S Cartaleva, Y Dancheva, C Andreeva, S Gozzini, L Botti, ...
Journal of Optics B: Quantum and Semiclassical Optics 3 (3), 181, 2001
Light-shift suppression in laser optically pumped vapour-cell atomic frequency standards
C Affolderbach, C Andreeva, S Cartaleva, T Karaulanov, G Mileti, ...
Applied Physics B 80 (7), 841-848, 2005
Narrow structure in the coherent population trapping resonance in rubidium
E Alipieva, S Gateva, E Taskova, S Cartaleva
Optics letters 28 (19), 1817-1819, 2003
Two-color coherent population trapping in a single Cs hyperfine transition, with application in magnetometry
C Andreeva, G Bevilacqua, V Biancalana, S Cartaleva, Y Dancheva, ...
Applied Physics B 76 (6), 667-675, 2003
Sub-Doppler spectroscopy of cesium vapor layers with nanometric and micrometric thickness
S Cartaleva, S Saltiel, A Sargsyan, D Sarkisyan, D Slavov, P Todorov, ...
JOSA B 26 (11), 1999-2006, 2009
Complete electromagnetically induced transparency in sodium atoms excited by a multimode dye laser
G Alzetta, S Gozzini, A Lucchesini, S Cartaleva, T Karaulanov, C Marinelli, ...
Physical Review A 69 (6), 063815, 2004
Coherent population trapping resonances in Cs atoms excited by elliptically polarized light
K Nasyrov, S Cartaleva, N Petrov, V Biancalana, Y Dancheva, E Mariotti, ...
Physical Review A 74 (1), 013811, 2006
Dual channel self-oscillating optical magnetometer
J Belfi, G Bevilacqua, V Biancalana, S Cartaleva, Y Dancheva, ...
JOSA B 26 (5), 910-916, 2009
Coherent population trapping and strong electromagnetically induced transparency resonances on the D 1 line of potassium
S Gozzini, S Cartaleva, A Lucchesini, C Marinelli, L Marmugi, D Slavov, ...
The European Physical Journal D 53 (2), 153-161, 2009
On line shape of electromagnetically induced transparency in a multilevel system
S Mitra, MM Hossain, B Ray, PN Ghosh, S Cartaleva, D Slavov
Optics communications 283 (7), 1500-1509, 2010
Antirelaxation coatings in coherent spectroscopy: Theoretical investigation and experimental test
K Nasyrov, S Gozzini, A Lucchesini, C Marinelli, S Gateva, S Cartaleva, ...
Physical Review A 92 (4), 043803, 2015
Ground-state magneto-optical resonances in cesium vapor confined in an extremely thin cell
C Andreeva, A Atvars, M Auzinsh, K Blush, S Cartaleva, L Petrov, ...
Physical Review A 76 (6), 063804, 2007
Tunable and polarization-controlled high-contrast bright and dark coherent resonances in potassium
S Gozzini, A Fioretti, A Lucchesini, L Marmugi, C Marinelli, S Tsvetkov, ...
Optics letters 42 (15), 2930-2933, 2017
Sub-natural width N-type resonance in cesium atomic vapour: splitting in magnetic fields
D Slavov, A Sargsyan, D Sarkisyan, R Mirzoyan, A Krasteva, ...
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 47 (3), 035001, 2014
Electromagnetically Induced Transparency and optical pumping processes formed in Cs sub-micron thin cell
A Sargsyan, C Leroy, Y Pashayan-Leroy, D Sarkisyan, D Slavov, ...
Optics Communications 285 (8), 2090-2095, 2012
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