Georg Regensburger
Georg Regensburger
University of Kassel
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Sign conditions for injectivity of generalized polynomial maps with applications to chemical reaction networks and real algebraic geometry
S Müller, E Feliu, G Regensburger, C Conradi, A Shiu, A Dickenstein
Foundations of Computational Mathematics 16 (1), 69-97, 2016
Solving and factoring boundary problems for linear ordinary differential equations in differential algebras
M Rosenkranz, G Regensburger
Journal of Symbolic Computation 43 (8), 515-544, 2008
Generalized mass action systems: Complex balancing equilibria and sign vectors of the stoichiometric and kinetic-order subspaces
S Muller, G Regensburger
SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 72 (6), 1926-1947, 2012
From elementary flux modes to elementary flux vectors: Metabolic pathway analysis with arbitrary linear flux constraints
S Klamt, G Regensburger, MP Gerstl, C Jungreuthmayer, S Schuster, ...
PLoS computational biology 13 (4), e1005409, 2017
Enzyme allocation problems in kinetic metabolic networks: Optimal solutions are elementary flux modes
S Müller, G Regensburger, R Steuer
Journal of theoretical biology 347, 182-190, 2014
Generalized Mass-Action Systems and Positive Solutions of Polynomial Equations with Real and Symbolic Exponents (Invited Talk)
S Müller, G Regensburger
Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing: 16th International Workshop, CASC …, 2014
Symbolic analysis for boundary problems: From rewriting to parametrized Gröbner bases
M Rosenkranz, G Regensburger, L Tec, B Buchberger
Numerical and Symbolic Scientific Computing: Progress and Prospects, 273-331, 2012
An algebraic operator approach to the analysis of Gerber–Shiu functions
H Albrecher, C Constantinescu, G Pirsic, G Regensburger, M Rosenkranz
Insurance: Mathematics and Economics 46 (1), 42-51, 2010
On integro-differential algebras
L Guo, G Regensburger, M Rosenkranz
Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 218 (3), 456-473, 2014
A mathematical framework for yield (vs. rate) optimization in constraint-based modeling and applications in metabolic engineering
S Klamt, S Müller, G Regensburger, J Zanghellini
Metabolic Engineering 47, 153-169, 2018
Planar linkages following a prescribed motion
M Gallet, C Koutschan, Z Li, G Regensburger, J Schicho, N Villamizar
Mathematics of Computation 86 (303), 473-506, 2017
A skew polynomial approach to integro-differential operators
G Regensburger, M Rosenkranz, J Middeke
Proceedings of the 2009 international symposium on Symbolic and algebraic …, 2009
Exact and asymptotic results for insurance risk models with surplus-dependent premiums
H Albrecher, C Constantinescu, Z Palmowski, G Regensburger, ...
SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 73 (1), 47-66, 2013
An algebraic foundation for factoring linear boundary problems
G Regensburger, M Rosenkranz
Annali di Matematica Pura ed Applicata 188 (1), 123-151, 2009
Integro-differential polynomials and operators
M Rosenkranz, G Regensburger
Proceedings of the twenty-first international symposium on Symbolic and …, 2008
Elementary vectors and conformal sums in polyhedral geometry and their relevance for metabolic pathway analysis
S Müller, G Regensburger
Frontiers in Genetics 7, 179906, 2016
Parametrizing compactly supported orthonormal wavelets by discrete moments
G Regensburger
Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing 18 (6), 583-601, 2007
Gröbner bases in control theory and signal processing
Walter de Gruyter, 2007
A symbolic framework for operations on linear boundary problems
M Rosenkranz, G Regensburger, L Tec, B Buchberger
Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing: 11th International Workshop, CASC …, 2009
On the bijectivity of families of exponential/generalized polynomial maps
S Müller, J Hofbauer, G Regensburger
SIAM Journal on Applied Algebra and Geometry 3 (3), 412-438, 2019
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