Hédi Soula
Hédi Soula
Professor of Computational Biology
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p-Cresyl sulfate promotes insulin resistance associated with CKD
L Koppe, NJ Pillon, RE Vella, ML Croze, CC Pelletier, S Chambert, ...
Journal of the American society of nephrology 24 (1), 88-99, 2013
Increased jejunal permeability in human obesity is revealed by a lipid challenge and is linked to inflammation and type 2 diabetes
L Genser, D Aguanno, HA Soula, L Dong, L Trystram, K Assmann, ...
The Journal of pathology 246 (2), 217-230, 2018
Vocal communication at the nest between mates in wild zebra finches: a private vocal duet?
JE Elie, MM Mariette, HA Soula, SC Griffith, N Mathevon, C Vignal
Animal Behaviour 80 (4), 597-605, 2010
The acoustic expression of stress in a songbird: does corticosterone drive isolation-induced modifications of zebra finch calls?
EC Perez, JE Elie, CO Soulage, HA Soula, N Mathevon, C Vignal
Hormones and behavior 61 (4), 573-581, 2012
Chronic treatment with myo-inositol reduces white adipose tissue accretion and improves insulin sensitivity in female mice
ML Croze, RE Vella, NJ Pillon, HA Soula, L Hadji, M Guichardant, ...
The journal of nutritional biochemistry 24 (2), 457-466, 2013
Impact of receptor clustering on ligand binding
BR Caré, HA Soula
BMC Systems Biology 5, 1-13, 2011
Simulation of calcium signaling in fine astrocytic processes: Effect of spatial properties on spontaneous activity
A Denizot, M Arizono, UV Nägerl, H Soula, H Berry
PLoS computational biology 15 (8), e1006795, 2019
Spontaneous dynamics of asymmetric random recurrent spiking neural networks
H Soula, G Beslon, O Mazet
Neural Computation 18 (1), 60-79, 2006
Stochastic dynamics of a finite-size spiking neural network
H Soula, CC Chow
Neural Computation 19 (12), 3262-3292, 2007
AhR activation defends gut barrier integrity against damage occurring in obesity
BG Postal, S Ghezzal, D Aguanno, S André, K Garbin, L Genser, ...
Molecular metabolism 39, 101007, 2020
Physiological resonance between mates through calls as possible evidence of empathic processes in songbirds
EC Perez, JE Elie, ICA Boucaud, T Crouchet, CO Soulage, HA Soula, ...
Hormones and behavior 75, 130-141, 2015
Anomalous versus slowed-down Brownian diffusion in the ligand-binding equilibrium
H Soula, B Caré, G Beslon, H Berry
Biophysical journal 105 (9), 2064-2073, 2013
Type 2 diabetes is associated with impaired jejunal enteroendocrine GLP-1 cell lineage in human obesity
C Osinski, L Le Gléau, C Poitou, J de Toro-Martin, L Genser, M Fradet, ...
International journal of obesity 45 (1), 170-183, 2021
Dynamics of communal vocalizations in a social songbird, the zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata)
JE Elie, HA Soula, N Mathevon, C Vignal
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 129 (6), 4037-4046, 2011
Quantitative structure–activity relationship for 4-hydroxy-2-alkenal induced cytotoxicity in L6 muscle cells
NJ Pillon, L Soulère, RE Vella, M Croze, BR Caré, HA Soula, A Doutheau, ...
Chemico-biological interactions 188 (1), 171-180, 2010
Modelling adipocytes size distribution
HA Soula, H Julienne, CO Soulage, A Geloen
Journal of theoretical biology 332, 89-95, 2013
Cirsimarin, a potent antilipogenic flavonoid, decreases fat deposition in mice intra-abdominal adipose tissue
B Zarrouki, NJ Pillon, E Kalbacher, HA Soula, G Nia N'Jomen, L Grand, ...
International Journal of Obesity 34 (11), 1566-1575, 2010
Learning at the edge of chaos: Temporal coupling of spiking neurons controller for autonomous robotic
H Soula, A Alwan, G Beslon
Proceedings of the AAAI spring symposia on developmental robotics, 2005
Impact of visual contact on vocal interaction dynamics of pair-bonded birds
EC Perez, MSA Fernandez, SC Griffith, C Vignal, HA Soula
Animal Behaviour 107, 125-137, 2015
Songbird mates change their call structure and intrapair communication at the nest in response to environmental noise
AS Villain, MSA Fernandez, C Bouchut, HA Soula, C Vignal
Animal behaviour 116, 113-129, 2016
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