Aaron Packman
Aaron Packman
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Biophysical controls on organic carbon fluxes in fluvial networks
TJ Battin, LA Kaplan, S Findlay, CS Hopkinson, E Marti, AI Packman, ...
Nature geoscience 1 (2), 95-100, 2008
Hyporheic flow and transport processes: Mechanisms, models, and biogeochemical implications
F Boano, JW Harvey, A Marion, AI Packman, R Revelli, L Ridolfi, ...
Reviews of Geophysics 52 (4), 603-679, 2014
The extracellular matrix protects Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms by limiting the penetration of tobramycin
BS Tseng, W Zhang, JJ Harrison, TP Quach, JL Song, J Penterman, ...
Environmental microbiology 15 (10), 2865-2878, 2013
Hyporheic exchange with gravel beds: Basic hydrodynamic interactions and bedform-induced advective flows
AI Packman, M Salehin, M Zaramella
Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 130 (7), 647-656, 2004
Effect of flow‐induced exchange in hyporheic zones on longitudinal transport of solutes in streams and rivers
A Wörman, AI Packman, H Johansson, K Jonsson
Water Resources Research 38 (1), 2-1-2-15, 2002
Hyporheic exchange with heterogeneous streambeds: Laboratory experiments and modeling
M Salehin, AI Packman, M Paradis
Water Resources Research 40 (11), 2004
Interplay of stream‐subsurface exchange, clay particle deposition, and streambed evolution
AI Packman, JS MacKay
Water Resources Research 39 (4), 2003
Transport and fate of microbial pathogens in agricultural settings
SA Bradford, VL Morales, W Zhang, RW Harvey, AI Packman, ...
Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology 43 (8), 775-893, 2013
A physicochemical model for colloid exchange between a stream and a sand streambed with bed forms
AI Packman, NH Brooks, JJ Morgan
Water Resources Research 36 (8), 2351-2361, 2000
A multiscale model for integrating hyporheic exchange from ripples to meanders
SH Stonedahl, JW Harvey, A Wörman, M Salehin, AI Packman
Water Resources Research 46 (12), 2010
Effects of suspended sediment characteristics and bed sediment transport on streambed clogging
KJ Rehg, AI Packman, J Ren
Hydrological Processes: An International Journal 19 (2), 413-427, 2005
Rethinking wastewater risks and monitoring in light of the COVID-19 pandemic
A Bogler, A Packman, A Furman, A Gross, A Kushmaro, A Ronen, ...
Nature Sustainability 3 (12), 981-990, 2020
Fractal topography and subsurface water flows from fluvial bedforms to the continental shield
A Wörman, AI Packman, L Marklund, JW Harvey, SH Stone
Geophysical Research Letters 34 (7), 2007
Hyporheic exchange of solutes and colloids with moving bed forms
AI Packman, NH Brooks
Water Resources Research 37 (10), 2591-2605, 2001
Relative roles of stream flow and sedimentary conditions in controlling hyporheic exchange
AI Packman, M Salehin
Hydrobiologia 494 (1), 291-297, 2003
Kaolinite exchange between a stream and streambed: Laboratory experiments and validation of a colloid transport model
AI Packman, NH Brooks, JJ Morgan
Water Resources Research 36 (8), 2363-2372, 2000
Modeling surface-subsurface hydrological interactions
AI Packman, KE Bencala
Effect of bed form geometry on the penetration of nonreactive solutes into a streambed
A Marion, M Bellinello, I Guymer, A Packman
Water Resources Research 38 (10), 27-1-27-12, 2002
A continuous time random walk approach to the stream transport of solutes
F Boano, AI Packman, A Cortis, R Revelli, L Ridolfi
Water Resources Research 43 (10), 2007
Exact three‐dimensional spectral solution to surface‐groundwater interactions with arbitrary surface topography
A Wörman, AI Packman, L Marklund, JW Harvey, SH Stone
Geophysical research letters 33 (7), 2006
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