Matthew A. Holsapple
Matthew A. Holsapple
Managing Director of Organizational Learning and Impact, iMentor
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An assessment of engineering students' curricular and co‐curricular experiences and their ethical development
CJ Finelli, MA Holsapple, E Ra, RM Bielby, BA Burt, DD Carpenter, ...
Journal of Engineering Education 101 (3), 469-494, 2012
Service-learning and student diversity outcomes: Existing evidence and directions for future research.
MA Holsapple
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Engaging diverse viewpoints: What is the campus climate for perspective-taking?
EL Dey, MC Ott, M Antonaros, CL Barnhardt, MA Holsapple
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Framing faculty and student discrepancies in engineering ethics education delivery
MA Holsapple, DD Carpenter, JA Sutkus, CJ Finelli, TS Harding
Journal of Engineering Education 101 (2), 169-186, 2012
Should Colleges Focus More on Personal and Social Responsibility? Initial Findings from Campus Surveys Conducted for the Association of American Colleges and Universities as …
M Antonaros, C Barnhardt, M Holsapple, K Moronski, V Vergoth
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Outcomes of engaging engineering undergraduates in co-curricular experiences
BA Burt, DD Carpenter, CJ Finelli, TS Harding, J Sutkus, M Holsapple, ...
Out-of-classroom experiences: Bridging the disconnect between the classroom, the engineering workforce, and ethical development
BA Burt, DD Carpenter, MA Holsapple, CJ Finelli
The International journal of engineering education 29 (3), 714-725, 2013
Developing a moral compass: What is the campus climate for ethics and academic integrity
EL Dey, M Antonaros, MC Ott, CL Barnhardt, MA Holsapple
Retrieved July 28, 2017, 2010
Institutional obstacles to integrating ethics into the curriculum and strategies for overcoming them
K Walczak, CJ Finelli, M Holsapple, J Sutkus, TS Harding, DD Carpenter
Impact of different curricular approaches to ethics education on ethical reasoning ability
R Bielby, TS Harding, DD Carpenter, CJ Finelli, J Sutkus, BA Burt, E Ra, ...
Work in progress-A mixed-methods approach to developing an instrument measuring engineering students' positive ethical behavior
MA Holsapple, C Finelli, D Carpenter, T Harding, J Sutkus
2009 39th IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference, 1-2, 2009
We can’t get no satisfaction!: The relationship between students’ ethical reasoning and their satisfaction with engineering ethics education
M Holsapple, J Sutus, DD Carpenter, CJ Finelli, BA Burt, E Ra, ...
Understanding the differences between faculty and administrator goals and students’ experiences with ethics education
M Holsapple, DD Carpenter, J Sutkus, CJ Finelli, K Walczak, TS Harding
The PSRI technical guide
C Barnhardt, M Antonaros, MA Holsapple, MC Ott, EL Dey
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From High School to the Future: Getting to College Readiness and College Graduation.
M Roderick, M Holsapple, T Kelley-Kemple, DW Johnson
Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness, 2014
Beyond academic readiness: Building a broader range of skills for success in college
J Nagaoka, MA Holsapple
Boston, MA: Jobs for the Future, 2017
From high school to the future: College readiness and getting to graduation
M Roderick, M Holsapple, T Kelley-Kemple, DW Johnson, E Moeller
Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research, 2018
An Examination of Moral Judgment in College: Integrating Developmental and College Impact Frameworks.
MA Holsapple
The college match indicator: Linking research to practice
J Nagaoka, MA Holsapple, M Roderick
Matching students to opportunity: Expanding college choice, access, and …, 2016
From High School to the Future: Delivering on the Dream of College Graduation
M Roderick, M Holsapple, K Clark, T Kelley-Kemple
National Center for Education Statistics 2016 (4), 2016
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