Petr Voitsik
Petr Voitsik
Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Потвърден имейл адрес: asc.rssi.ru
“RadioAstron”-A telescope with a size of 300 000 km: Main parameters and first observational results
NS Kardashev, VV Khartov, VV Abramov, VY Avdeev, AV Alakoz, ...
Astronomy Reports 57, 153-194, 2013
A wide and collimated radio jet in 3C84 on the scale of a few hundred gravitational radii
G Giovannini, T Savolainen, M Orienti, M Nakamura, H Nagai, M Kino, ...
Nature Astronomy 2 (6), 472-477, 2018
RadioAstron observations of the quasar 3C273: a challenge to the brightness temperature limit
YY Kovalev, NS Kardashev, KI Kellermann, AP Lobanov, MD Johnson, ...
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 820 (1), L9, 2016
Relativistic jets in the radio reference frame image database. II. Blazar jet accelerations from the first 10 years of data (1994–2003)
BG Piner, AB Pushkarev, YY Kovalev, CJ Marvin, JG Arenson, P Charlot, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 758 (2), 84, 2012
The core shift effect in the blazar 3C 454.3
AM Kutkin, KV Sokolovsky, MM Lisakov, YY Kovalev, T Savolainen, ...
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Extreme brightness temperatures and refractive substructure in 3C 273 with RadioAstron
MD Johnson, YY Kovalev, CR Gwinn, LI Gurvits, R Narayan, JP Macquart, ...
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 820 (1), L10, 2016
Probing the innermost regions of AGN jets and their magnetic fields with RadioAstron. V. Space and ground millimeter-VLBI imaging of OJ 287
JL Gómez, E Traianou, TP Krichbaum, AP Lobanov, A Fuentes, R Lico, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 924 (2), 122, 2022
RadioAstron science program five years after launch: main science results
NS Kardashev, AV Alakoz, AS Andrianov, MI Artyukhov, W Baan, ...
Solar System Research 51, 535-554, 2017
Detection statistics of the RadioAstron AGN survey
YY Kovalev, NS Kardashev, KV Sokolovsky, PA Voitsik, T An, ...
Advances in Space Research 65 (2), 705-711, 2020
The extreme blazar AO 0235+ 164 as seen by extensive ground and space radio observations
AM Kutkin, IN Pashchenko, MM Lisakov, PA Voytsik, KV Sokolovsky, ...
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 475 (4), 4994-5009, 2018
RadioAstron space VLBI imaging of polarized radio emission in the high-redshift quasar 0642+ 449 at 1.6 GHz
AP Lobanov, JL Gómez, G Bruni, YY Kovalev, J Anderson, U Bach, ...
Astronomy & Astrophysics 583, A100, 2015
The RadioAstron project: measurements and analysis of basic parameters of space telescope in flight in 2011–2013
YA Kovalev, VI Vasil’kov, MV Popov, VA Soglasnov, PA Voitsik, ...
Cosmic Research 52, 393-402, 2014
The high brightness temperature of B0529+483 revealed by RadioAstron and implications for interstellar scattering
SV Pilipenko, YY Kovalev, AS Andrianov, U Bach, S Buttaccio, P Cassaro, ...
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 474 (3), 3523-3534, 2018
RATAN-600 and RadioAstron reveal the neutrino-associated blazar TXS 0506+ 056 as a typical variable AGN
YA Kovalev, NS Kardashev, YY Kovalev, KV Sokolovsky, PA Voitsik, ...
Advances in Space Research 65 (2), 745-755, 2020
RadioAstron orbit determination and evaluation of its results using correlation of space-VLBI observations
MV Zakhvatkin, AS Andrianov, VY Avdeev, VI Kostenko, YY Kovalev, ...
Advances in Space Research 65 (2), 798-812, 2020
Frequency-dependent core shifts in ultracompact quasars
PA Voitsik, AB Pushkarev, YY Kovalev, AV Plavin, AP Lobanov, AV Ipatov
Astronomy Reports 62, 787-813, 2018
First Space-VLBI Observations of Sagittarius A
MD Johnson, YY Kovalev, MM Lisakov, PA Voitsik, CR Gwinn, G Bruni
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 922 (2), L28, 2021
RadioAstron discovery of a mini-cocoon around the restarted parsec-scale jet in 3C 84
T Savolainen, G Giovannini, YY Kovalev, M Perucho, JM Anderson, ...
Astronomy & Astrophysics 676, A114, 2023
The jet of S5 0716+ 71 at μas scales with RadioAstron
EV Kravchenko, JL Gómez, YY Kovalev, PA Voitsik
Advances in Space Research 65 (2), 720-724, 2020
First estimate of the value of the instrumental polarization of the RadioAstron space radio telescope using the results of an early scientific program for observing active …
IN Pashchenko, YY Kovalev, PA Voitsik
Cosmic Research 53, 199-208, 2015
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