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Randomforestsrc: Random survival forests vignette
H Ishwaran, MS Lauer, EH Blackstone, M Lu, UB Kogalur
Discussion on" Nonparametric variable importance assessment using machine learning techniques" by Brian D. Williamson, Peter B. Gilbert, Marco Carone, and Noah Simon.
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Application of meta-analysis in sport and exercise science
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randomForestSRC: Variable Importance (VIMP) with Subsampling Inference Vignette
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Dynamic Modeling COVID-19 for Comparing Containment Strategies in a Pandemic Scenario
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A machine learning alternative to p-values
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randomForestSRC: Getting Started with randomForestSRC Vignette
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Exploring Factors That Affected Student Well-Being during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Comparison of Data-Mining Approaches
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randomForestSRC: Partial Plots Vignette
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Access to care through telehealth among U.S. Medicare beneficiaries in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic
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randomForestSRC: Random Forests Quantile Classifier (RFQ) Vignette
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