Carlos Eduardo Tino Balestra
Carlos Eduardo Tino Balestra
Professor de Materiais de Construção, Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná
Потвърден имейл адрес: utfpr.edu.br
Corrosion degree effect on nominal and effective strengths of naturally corroded reinforcement
CET Balestra, MG Lima, AR Silva, RA Medeiros-Junior
Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering 28 (10), 04016103, 2016
Reinforcement corrosion risk of marine concrete structures evaluated through electrical resistivity: proposal of parameters based on field structures
CET Balestra, AY Nakano, G Savaris, RA Medeiros-Junior
Ocean Engineering 187, 106167, 2019
Chloride profile modeling contemplating the convection zone based on concrete structures present for more than 40 years in different marine aggressive zones
CET Balestra, TA Reichert, WA Pansera, G Savaris
Construction and Building Materials 198, 345-358, 2019
Contribution for durability studies based on chloride profiles analysis of real marine structures in different marine aggressive zones
CET Balestra, TA Reichert, G Savaris
Construction and Building Materials 206, 140-150, 2019
Evaluation of chloride ion penetration through concrete surface electrical resistivity of field naturally degraded structures present in marine environment
CET Balestra, TA Reichert, WA Pansera, G Savaris
Construction and Building Materials 230, 116979, 2020
Comparison of test methods to determine resistance to chloride penetration in concrete: Sensitivity to the effect of fly ash
JRH Junior, CET Balestra, RA Medeiros-Junior
Construction and Building Materials 277, 122265, 2021
Contribution to low-carbon cement studies: Effects of silica fume, fly ash, sugarcane bagasse ash and acai stone ash incorporation in quaternary blended limestone-calcined clay …
CET Balestra, LR Garcez, LC da Silva, MT Veit, E Jubanski, AY Nakano, ...
Environmental Development 45, 100792, 2023
General model for service life analysis of reinforced concrete structures subject to chloride penetration
CET Balestra, TA Reichert, ALP Vizzotto, WA Pansera, G Savaris
Construction and Building Materials 305, 124727, 2021
Applicability of recycled aggregates in concrete piles for soft soil improvement
RA Medeiros-Junior, CET Balestra, MG Lima
Waste Management & Research 35 (1), 56-64, 2017
Nonlinear regression using Gaussian-Lorentzian functions to empirical modeling of convective-diffusive chloride transport in concrete
WA Pansera, TA Reichert, G Savaris, CET Balestra
Construction and Building Materials 341, 127770, 2022
Nondestructive method for estimation of chloride profiles: correlation between electrical resistivity and holliday-empirical equation
CE Tino Balestra, T Alessi Reichert, G Savaris, WA Pansera, ...
Journal of Construction Engineering and Management 146 (10), 04020119, 2020
Development of laboratory equipment to obtain powdered concrete samples to determine chlorides concentration for durability studies
CET Balestra, G Savaris, MV Schlichting, W Leobet
Journal of Building Pathology and Rehabilitation 3, 1-6, 2018
Analysis of chloride profile obtained from real concrete structures present in different marine aggressive zones
CET Balestra
Portuguese.] Doctoral dissertation, Postgraduate Program in Aeronautical …, 2017
Influence of multiple methods and curing temperatures on the concrete compressive strength
P Araldi, CET Balestra, G Savaris
Journal of Engineering, Project, and Production Management 9 (2), 66, 2019
Effect of corrosion degree on mechanical properties of reinforcements buried for 60 years
CET Balestra, MG Lima, AZ Mendes, RA Medeiros-Junior
Revista IBRACON de Estruturas e Materiais 11, 474-498, 2018
Parâmetros ambientais e materiais que afetam a penetração de cloretos em estruturas de concreto–estudo de caso da Ilha dos Arvoredos
CET Balestra, MG de Lima, RA Medeiros-Junior, AJAE Monteiro
REEC-Revista Eletrônica de Engenharia Civil 13 (1), 2017
Evaluation of mechanical, physical and chemical properties of ecological modular soil-alkali activated bricks without Portland cement
LF da Costa Gonçalves, CET Balestra, MAR Gil
Environmental Development 48, 100932, 2023
Relations between chloride determination in real concrete structures by X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy and by potentiometric titration
CET Balestra, G Savaris, RS do Nascimento, RA de Medeiros-Junior
Journal of Building Pathology and Rehabilitation 4, 1-8, 2019
Identificação das Principais Manifestações Patológicas em Estruturas de Concreto Armado Pertencentes ao DCTA
RA Medeiros Junior, MG Lima, CET Balestra
Congresso Internacional sobre Patologia e Reparação de Estruturas 9, 1-9, 2013
New semiempirical temporal model to predict chloride profiles considering convection and diffusion zones
TA Reichert, WA Pansera, CET Balestra, RA Medeiros-Junior
Construction and Building Materials 367, 130284, 2023
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