Anne-Laure Brochet
Anne-Laure Brochet
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Preliminary assessment of the scope and scale of illegal killing and taking of birds in the Mediterranean
AL Brochet, W Van den Bossche, S Jbour, PK NDANG’ANG’A, VR Jones, ...
Bird Conservation International 26 (1), 1-28, 2016
The role of migratory ducks in the long‐distance dispersal of native plants and the spread of exotic plants in Europe
AL Brochet, M Guillemain, H Fritz, M Gauthier‐Clerc, AJ Green
Ecography 32 (6), 919-928, 2009
Plant dispersal by teal (Anas crecca) in the Camargue: duck guts are more important than their feet
AL Brochet, M Guillemain, H Fritz, M Gauthier‐Clerc, AJ Green
Freshwater biology 55 (6), 1262-1273, 2010
Field evidence of dispersal of branchiopods, ostracods and bryozoans by teal (Anas crecca) in the Camargue (southern France)
AL Brochet, M Gauthier-Clerc, M Guillemain, H Fritz, A Waterkeyn, ...
Hydrobiologia 637, 255-261, 2010
Seed dispersal by dabbling ducks: an overlooked dispersal pathway for a broad spectrum of plant species
MB Soons, AL Brochet, E Kleyheeg, AJ Green
Journal of Ecology 104 (2), 443-455, 2016
Dispersal of plants by waterbirds
AJ Green, MB Soons, AL Brochet, E Kleyheeg
University of Chicago Press, 2016
Endozoochory of Mediterranean aquatic plant seeds by teal after a period of desiccation: Determinants of seed survival and influence of retention time on germinability and …
AL Brochet, M Guillemain, M Gauthier-Clerc, H Fritz, AJ Green
Aquatic Botany 93 (2), 99-106, 2010
Spread of Avian Influenza Viruses by Common Teal (Anas crecca) in Europe
C Lebarbenchon, F Albespy, AL Brochet, V Grandhomme, F Renaud, ...
PloS one 4 (10), e7289, 2009
Geographical and temporal patterns in the diet of pintail Anas acuta, wigeon Anas penelope, mallard Anas platyrhynchos and teal Anas crecca in the Western …
L Dessborn, AL Brochet, J Elmberg, P Legagneux, M Gauthier-Clerc, ...
European Journal of Wildlife Research 57, 1119-1129, 2011
Illegal killing and taking of birds in Europe outside the Mediterranean: assessing the scope and scale of a complex issue
AL Brochet, W Van Den Bossche, VR Jones, H Arnardottir, D Damoc, ...
Bird Conservation International 29 (1), 10-40, 2019
The first coordinated trans-North African mid-winter waterbird census: the contribution of the International Waterbird Census to the conservation of waterbirds and wetlands at …
MS Sayoud, H Salhi, B Chalabi, A Allali, M Dakki, A Qninba, MA El Agbani, ...
Biological Conservation 206, 11-20, 2017
Marsh management, reserve creation, hunting periods and carrying capacity for wintering ducks and coots
AL Brochet, M Gauthier-Clerc, R Mathevet, A Béchet, JY Mondain-Monval, ...
Biodiversity and Conservation 18, 1879-1894, 2009
What is the spatial unit for a wintering teal Anas crecca? Weekly day roost fidelity inferred from nasal saddles in the Camargue, southern France
M Guillemain, O Devineau, AL Brochet, J Fuster, H Fritz, AJ Green, ...
Wildlife Biology 16 (2), 215-220, 2010
Is diet segregation between dabbling ducks due to food partitioning? A review of seasonal patterns in the W estern P alearctic
AL Brochet, L Dessborn, P Legagneux, J Elmberg, M Gauthier‐Clerc, ...
Journal of Zoology 286 (3), 171-178, 2012
Diet and feeding habitats of Camargue dabbling ducks: what has changed since the 1960s?
AL Brochet, JB Mouronval, P Aubry, M Gauthier-Clerc, AJ Green, H Fritz, ...
Waterbirds 35 (4), 555-576, 2012
A preliminary assessment of the scope and scale of illegal killing and taking of wild birds in the Arabian peninsula, Iran and Iraq
AL Brochet, S Jbour, RD Sheldon, R Porter, VR Jones, W Al Fazari, ...
Sandgrouse 41, 154-175, 2019
The potential distance of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus dispersal by mallard, common teal and Eurasian pochard
AL Brochet, M Guillemain, C Lebarbenchon, G Simon, H Fritz, AJ Green, ...
EcoHealth 6, 449-457, 2009
Hunting bag and distance from nearest day‐roost in Camargue ducks
M Guillemain, JY Mondain‐Monval, E Weissenbacher, AL Brochet, ...
Wildlife Biology 14 (3), 379-385, 2008
Determinants of the prevalence of the cloacal cestode Cloacotaenia megalops in teal wintering in the French Camargue
AJ Green, BB Georgiev, AL Brochet, M Gauthier-Clerc, H Fritz, ...
European journal of wildlife research 57, 275-281, 2011
Blood and cloacal swab sampling for avian influenza monitoring has no effect on survival rates of free‐ranging ducks
M Guillemain, J Champagnon, ML Gourlay‐Larour, F Cavallo, AL Brochet, ...
Ibis 157 (4), 743-753, 2015
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