Xi Peng, 彭玺
Xi Peng, 彭玺
Cheung Kong Professor, College of Computer Science, Sichuan University
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Contrastive clustering
Y Li, P Hu, Z Liu, D Peng, JT Zhou, X Peng
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Structured autoencoders for subspace clustering
X Peng, J Feng, S Xiao, WY Yau, JT Zhou, S Yang
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Anomalynet: An anomaly detection network for video surveillance
JT Zhou, J Du, H Zhu, X Peng, Y Liu, RSM Goh
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COMIC: Multi-view clustering without parameter selection
X Peng, Z Huang, J Lv, H Zhu, JT Zhou
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Completer: Incomplete multi-view clustering via contrastive prediction
Y Lin, Y Gou, Z Liu, B Li, J Lv, X Peng
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Deep Subspace Clustering with Sparsity Prior
X Peng, S Xiao, J Feng, WY Yau, Z Yi
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Constructing the L2-graph for robust subspace learning and subspace clustering
X Peng, Z Yu, Z Yi, H Tang
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Nanoparticles for super-resolution microscopy and single-molecule tracking
D Jin, P Xi, B Wang, L Zhang, J Enderlein, AM van Oijen
Nature methods 15 (6), 415-423, 2018
Jointly optimize data augmentation and network training: Adversarial data augmentation in human pose estimation
X Peng, Z Tang, F Yang, RS Feris, D Metaxas
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Mobility-aware caching for content-centric wireless networks: Modeling and methodology
R Wang, X Peng, J Zhang, KB Letaief
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Partition level multiview subspace clustering
Z Kang, X Zhao, C Peng, H Zhu, JT Zhou, X Peng, W Chen, Z Xu
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Denoising MR spectroscopic imaging data with low-rank approximations
HM Nguyen, X Peng, MN Do, ZP Liang
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Video anomaly detection with sparse coding inspired deep neural networks
W Luo, W Liu, D Lian, J Tang, L Duan, X Peng, S Gao
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Smil: Multimodal learning with severely missing modality
M Ma, J Ren, L Zhao, S Tulyakov, C Wu, X Peng
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Connections between nuclear-norm and frobenius-norm-based representations
X Peng, C Lu, Z Yi, H Tang
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Scalable sparse subspace clustering
X Peng, L Zhang, Z Yi
Proceedings of the IEEE conference on computer vision and pattern …, 2013
All-in-one image restoration for unknown corruption
B Li, X Liu, P Hu, Z Wu, J Lv, X Peng
Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern …, 2022
You only look yourself: Unsupervised and untrained single image dehazing neural network
B Li, Y Gou, S Gu, JZ Liu, JT Zhou, X Peng
International Journal of Computer Vision 129, 1754-1767, 2021
CR-GAN: learning complete representations for multi-view generation
Y Tian, X Peng, L Zhao, S Zhang, DN Metaxas
arXiv preprint arXiv:1806.11191, 2018
Maximum-entropy adversarial data augmentation for improved generalization and robustness
L Zhao, T Liu, X Peng, D Metaxas
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 33, 14435-14447, 2020
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