Xiaoyi Ma
Xiaoyi Ma
Потвърден имейл адрес: alumni.upenn.edu
Champollion: A Robust Parallel Text Sentence Aligner.
X Ma
LREC, 489-492, 2006
Bits: A method for bilingual text search over the web
X Ma, M Liberman
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From light to rich ere: annotation of entities, relations, and events
Z Song, A Bies, S Strassel, T Riese, J Mott, J Ellis, J Wright, S Kulick, ...
Proceedings of the the 3rd Workshop on EVENTS: Definition, Detection …, 2015
TableTrans, MultiTrans, InterTrans and TreeTrans: Diverse tools built on the annotation graph toolkit
S Bird, K Maeda, X Ma, H Lee, B Randall, S Zayat
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Models and tools for collaborative annotation
X Ma, H Lee, S Bird, K Maeda
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Creating annotation tools with the annotation graph toolkit
K Maeda, S Bird, X Ma, H Lee
arXiv preprint cs/0204005, 2002
Corpus Support for Machine Translation at LDC.
X Ma, C Cieri
LREC, 859-864, 2006
Integrated linguistic resources for language exploitation technologies
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Annotation tools based on the annotation graph API
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Multiple-Translation Arabic Corpus, Part 1
K Walker, M Bamba, D Miller, X Ma, C Cieri, G Doddington
Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC) catalog number LDC2003T18 and ISBN, 1-58563, 2003
Creating arabic-english parallel word-aligned treebank corpora at LDC
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Creating Sentence-Aligned Parallel Text Corpora from a Large Archive of Potential Parallel Text using BITS and Champollion.
K Maeda, X Ma, SM Strassel
LREC, 2008
Towards a Name Entity Aligned Bilingual Corpus
X Ma
Methods for the automatic acquisition of Language Resources and their …, 2010
Arabic Treebank: Part 1-10Kword English Translation
B Moussa, M Maamouri, H Jin, A Bies, X Ma
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The RATS Collection: Supporting HLT Research with Degraded Audio Data.
D Graff, K Walker, SM Strassel, X Ma, K Jones, A Sawyer
LREC, 1970-1977, 2014
Chinese English News Magazine Parallel Text
X Ma
LDC2005T10, 2005
The annotation graph toolkit: software components for building linguistic annotation tools
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AGTK: The annotation graph toolkit
S Bird, K Maeda, X Ma
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Parallel aligned treebank corpora at LDC: Methodology, annotation and integration
X Li, S Strassel, S Grimes, S Ismael, X Ma, N Ge, A Bies, N Xue, ...
In Proceedings of Workshop on Annotation and Exploitation of Parallel …, 2010
Multiple-Translation Chinese (MTC) Part 3 LDC2004T07. Web Download
X Ma
Philadelphia: Linguistic Data Consortium, 2004
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