Albert Cannella Jr.
Albert Cannella Jr.
Professor Emeritus Texas A&M University
Потвърден имейл адрес: mays.tamu.edu
Corporate governance: Decades of dialogue and data
CM Daily, DR Dalton, AA Cannella Jr
Academy of management review 28 (3), 371-382, 2003
strategic leadership
sydney finkelstein, donald hambrick, albert cannella
Are family firms really superior performers?
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Journal of corporate finance 13 (5), 829-858, 2007
Organizational predictors of women on corporate boards
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Social capital and knowledge creation: Diminishing returns of the number and strength of exchange relationships
MA McFadyen, AA Cannella Jr
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Women and racial minorities in the boardroom: How do directors differ?
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Top management team functional background diversity and firm performance: Examining the roles of team member colocation and environmental uncertainty
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Relative standing: A framework for understanding departures of acquired executives
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Revisiting the performance consequences of CEO succession: The impacts of successor type, postsuccession senior executive turnover, and departing CEO tenure
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Multilevel theory building: Benefits, barriers, and new developments
KJ Klein, H Tosi, AA Cannella Jr
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Effects of executive departures on the performance of acquired firms
AA Cannella Jr, DC Hambrick
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Succession as a sociopolitical process: Internal impediments to outsider selection
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Executive compensation: A multidisciplinary review of recent developments
CE Devers, AA Cannella Jr, GP Reilly, ME Yoder
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CEO duality: A review and research agenda
R Krause, M Semadeni, AA Cannella Jr
Journal of Management 40 (1), 256-286, 2014
Contrasting perspectives on strategic leaders: Toward a more realistic view of top managers
AA Cannella Jr, MJ Monroe
Journal of management 23 (3), 213-237, 1997
Power dynamics within top management and their impacts on CEO dismissal followed by inside succession
W Shen, AA Cannella Jr
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Agency problems as antecedents to unrelated mergers and diversification: Amihud and Lev reconsidered
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Former government officials as outside directors: The role of human and social capital
RH Lester, A Hillman, A Zardkoohi, AA Cannella Jr
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So close and yet so far: Promotion versus exit for CEO heirs apparent
AA Cannella Jr, W Shen
Academy of Management journal 44 (2), 252-270, 2001
Strategy implementation as substance and selling
DC Hambrick, AA Cannella Jr
Academy of management perspectives 3 (4), 278-285, 1989
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