Stephen K. Pikesley
Stephen K. Pikesley
Associate Research Fellow/Postgraduate Researcher, University of Exeter
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The true depth of the Mediterranean plastic problem: Extreme microplastic pollution on marine turtle nesting beaches in Cyprus
EM Duncan, J Arrowsmith, C Bain, AC Broderick, J Lee, K Metcalfe, ...
Marine pollution bulletin 136, 334-340, 2018
Cetacean sightings and strandings: evidence for spatial and temporal trends?
SK Pikesley, MJ Witt, T Hardy, J Loveridge, J Loveridge, R Williams, ...
Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 92 (8 …, 2012
Modelling the niche for a marine vertebrate: a case study incorporating behavioural plasticity, proximate threats and climate change
SK Pikesley, AC Broderick, D Cejudo, MS Coyne, MH Godfrey, BJ Godley, ...
Ecography 38 (8), 803-812, 2015
On the front line: integrated habitat mapping for olive ridley sea turtles in the southeast A tlantic
SK Pikesley, SM Maxwell, K Pendoley, DP Costa, MS Coyne, A Formia, ...
Diversity and Distributions 19 (12), 1518-1530, 2013
Basking sharks in the northeast Atlantic: spatio-temporal trends from sightings in UK waters
MJ Witt, T Hardy, L Johnson, CM McClellan, SK Pikesley, S Ranger, ...
Marine Ecology Progress Series 459, 121-134, 2012
Long-term underwater sound measurements in the shipping noise indicator bands 63 Hz and 125 Hz from the port of Falmouth Bay, UK
JK Garrett, P Blondel, BJ Godley, SK Pikesley, MJ Witt, L Johanning
Marine Pollution Bulletin 110 (1), 438-448, 2016
Predicting habitat suitability for basking sharks (Cetorhinus maximus) in UK waters using ensemble ecological niche modelling
RA Austin, LA Hawkes, PD Doherty, SM Henderson, R Inger, L Johnson, ...
Journal of sea research 153, 101767, 2019
New findings about the spatial and temporal use of the Eastern Atlantic Ocean by large juvenile loggerhead turtles
N Varo‐Cruz, JA Bermejo, P Calabuig, D Cejudo, BJ Godley, ...
Diversity and Distributions 22 (4), 481-492, 2016
Pink sea fans (Eunicella verrucosa) as indicators of the spatial efficacy of Marine Protected Areas in southwest UK coastal waters
SK Pikesley, BJ Godley, H Latham, PB Richardson, LM Robson, ...
Marine Policy 64, 38-45, 2016
Cnidaria in UK coastal waters: description of spatio-temporal patterns and inter-annual variability
SK Pikesley, BJ Godley, S Ranger, PB Richardson, MJ Witt
Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 94 (7 …, 2014
A novel approach to estimate the distribution, density and at-sea risks of a centrally-placed mobile marine vertebrate
SK Pikesley, PD Agamboue, JP Bayet, JN Bibang, EA Bonguno, ...
Biological Conservation 221, 246-256, 2018
Using cumulative impact mapping to prioritize marine conservation efforts in Equatorial Guinea
BT Trew, HS Grantham, C Barrientos, T Collins, PD Doherty, A Formia, ...
Frontiers in Marine Science 6, 717, 2019
Tracking foraging green turtles in the Republic of the Congo: insights into spatial ecology from a data poor region
K Metcalfe, N Bréheret, G Bal, E Chauvet, PD Doherty, A Formia, A Girard, ...
Oryx 54 (3), 299-306, 2020
Here today, here tomorrow: Beached timber in Gabon, a persistent threat to nesting sea turtles
SK Pikesley, PD Agamboue, EA Bonguno, F Boussamba, F Cardiec, ...
Biological conservation 162, 127-132, 2013
Fulfilling global marine commitments; lessons learned from Gabon
K Metcalfe, L White, ME Lee, JM Fay, G Abitsi, RJ Parnell, RJ Smith, ...
Conservation Letters 15 (3), e12872, 2022
Benefits beyond'features': Cooperative monitoring highlights MPA value for enhanced seabed integrity
SK Pikesley, JL Solandt, C Trundle, MJ Witt
Marine Policy 134, 104801, 2021
Revisiting UK Marine Protected Areas governance: A case study of a collaborative approach to management of an English MPA
JL Solandt, SK Pikesley, C Trundle, MJ Witt
Wiley, 2020
Preliminary ensemble ecological niche modelling of Arabian Sea humpback whale vessel sightings and satellite telemetry data
A Willson, R Baldwin, T Collins, B Godley, G Minton, S al‐Harthi, ...
Paper SC/67a/CMP15 presented to the IWC Scientific Committee, 2017
Multiple approaches and novel techniques to study the spatial ecology of marine vertebrates
SK Pikesley
PQDT-UK & Ireland, 2016
NatureScot Research Report 1279-Analysis of Basking Shark Watch Database 1987 to 2020
SK Pikesley, MNS Carruthers, LA Hawkes, MJ Witt
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