Cait Lamberton
Cait Lamberton
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A thematic exploration of digital, social media, and mobile marketing: Research evolution from 2000 to 2015 and an agenda for future inquiry
C Lamberton, AT Stephen
Journal of marketing 80 (6), 146-172, 2016
When is Ours Better than Mine? A Framework for Understanding and Altering Participation in Commercial Sharing Systems
C Lamberton, R Rose
Journal of Marketing, 2012
Beyond the “Like” Button: The Impact of Mere Virtual Presence on Brand Evaluations and Purchase Intentions in Social Media Settings
R Naylor, C Lamberton, PM West
Journal of Marketing, 2012
Marketing in the sharing economy
GM Eckhardt, MB Houston, B Jiang, C Lamberton, A Rindfleisch, G Zervas
Journal of Marketing 83 (5), 5-27, 2019
Great expectations?! Assortment size, expectations, and satisfaction
K Diehl, C Poynor
Journal of marketing research 47 (2), 312-322, 2010
A megastudy of text-based nudges encouraging patients to get vaccinated at an upcoming doctor’s appointment
KL Milkman, MS Patel, L Gandhi, HN Graci, DM Gromet, H Ho, JS Kay, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (20), e2101165118, 2021
Nudging at scale: Experimental evidence from FAFSA completion campaigns
KA Bird, BL Castleman, JT Denning, J Goodman, C Lamberton, ...
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 183, 105-128, 2021
The squander sequence: Understanding food waste at each stage of the consumer decision-making process
LG Block, PA Keller, B Vallen, S Williamson, MM Birau, A Grinstein, ...
Journal of Public Policy & Marketing 35 (2), 292-304, 2016
Seeing ourselves in others: Reviewer ambiguity, egocentric anchoring, and persuasion
RW Naylor, CP Lamberton, DA Norton
Journal of Marketing Research 48 (3), 617-631, 2011
The self-perception connection: Why consumers devalue unattractive produce
L Grewal, J Hmurovic, C Lamberton, RW Reczek
Journal of Marketing 83 (1), 89-107, 2019
Retail choice architecture: The effects of benefit-and attribute-based assortment organization on consumer perceptions and choice
CP Lamberton, K Diehl
Journal of Consumer Research 40 (3), 393-411, 2013
Seize the Day! Encouraging Indulgence for the Hyperopic Consumer
KL Haws, C Poynor
Journal of Consumer Research 35 (4), 680-691, 2008
A 680,000-person megastudy of nudges to encourage vaccination in pharmacies
KL Milkman, L Gandhi, MS Patel, HN Graci, DM Gromet, H Ho, JS Kay, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (6), e2115126119, 2022
Should birds of a feather flock together? Understanding self-control decisions in dyads
H Dzhogleva, CP Lamberton
Journal of Consumer Research 41 (2), 361-380, 2014
Crypto-marketing: How non-fungible tokens (NFTs) challenge traditional marketing
R Hofstetter, E De Bellis, L Brandes, M Clegg, C Lamberton, D Reibstein, ...
Marketing Letters 33 (4), 705-711, 2022
Collaborative Consumption: A Goal-Based Framework
C Lamberton
Current Opinion in Psychology 1 (10), 55-69, 2016
Organizing products with complements versus substitutes: effects on store preferences as a function of effort and assortment perceptions
K Diehl, E Van Herpen, C Lamberton
Journal of Retailing 91 (1), 1-18, 2015
Vice-virtue bundles
PJ Liu, KL Haws, C Lamberton, TH Campbell, GJ Fitzsimons
Management Science 61 (1), 204-228, 2015
Eliciting taxpayer preferences increases tax compliance
CP Lamberton, JE De Neve, MI Norton
Available at SSRN 2365751, 2014
Lines in the sand: The role of motivated categorization in the pursuit of self-control goals
C Poynor, KL Haws
Journal of Consumer Research 35 (5), 772-787, 2009
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