Sharan Vaswani
Fast and faster convergence of sgd for over-parameterized models and an accelerated perceptron
S Vaswani, F Bach, M Schmidt
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Painless stochastic gradient: Interpolation, line-search, and convergence rates
S Vaswani, A Mishkin, I Laradji, M Schmidt, G Gidel, S Lacoste-Julien
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Stochastic polyak step-size for sgd: An adaptive learning rate for fast convergence
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Online Influence Maximization under Independent Cascade Model with Semi-Bandit Feedback
Z Wen, B Kveton, M Valko, S Vaswani
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Model-independent online learning for influence maximization
S Vaswani, B Kveton, Z Wen, M Ghavamzadeh, LVS Lakshmanan, ...
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Garbage In, Reward Out: Bootstrapping Exploration in Multi-Armed Bandits
B Kveton, C Szepesvari, S Vaswani, Z Wen, M Ghavamzadeh, T Lattimore
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Influence Maximization with Bandits
S Vaswani, L Lakshmanan, M Schmidt
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Fast and furious convergence: Stochastic second order methods under interpolation
SY Meng, S Vaswani, IH Laradji, M Schmidt, S Lacoste-Julien
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Adaptive gradient methods converge faster with over-parameterization (but you should do a line-search)
S Vaswani, I Laradji, F Kunstner, SY Meng, M Schmidt, S Lacoste-Julien
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Old Dog Learns New Tricks: Randomized UCB for Bandit Problems
S Vaswani, A Mehrabian, A Durand, B Kveton
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Combining Bayesian optimization and Lipschitz optimization
MO Ahmed, S Vaswani, M Schmidt
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Near-optimal sample complexity bounds for constrained MDPs
S Vaswani, L Yang, C Szepesvári
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Adaptive influence maximization in social networks: Why commit when you can adapt?
S Vaswani, LVS Lakshmanan
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New insights into bootstrapping for bandits
S Vaswani, B Kveton, Z Wen, A Rao, M Schmidt, Y Abbasi-Yadkori
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Svrg meets adagrad: Painless variance reduction
B Dubois-Taine, S Vaswani, R Babanezhad, M Schmidt, S Lacoste-Julien
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A general class of surrogate functions for stable and efficient reinforcement learning
S Vaswani, O Bachem, S Totaro, R Müller, S Garg, M Geist, MC Machado, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2108.05828, 2021
Horde of bandits using gaussian markov random fields
S Vaswani, M Schmidt, L Lakshmanan
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Modeling non-progressive phenomena for influence propagation
VY Lou, S Bhagat, LVS Lakshmanan, S Vaswani
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Towards noise-adaptive, problem-adaptive (accelerated) stochastic gradient descent
S Vaswani, B Dubois-Taine, R Babanezhad
International conference on machine learning, 22015-22059, 2022
Towards painless policy optimization for constrained mdps
A Jain, S Vaswani, R Babanezhad, C Szepesvari, D Precup
Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, 895-905, 2022
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