Rachel Simister, Rachel L Simister
Rachel Simister, Rachel L Simister
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Sponge‐specific clusters revisited: a comprehensive phylogeny of sponge‐associated microorganisms
RL Simister, P Deines, ES Botté, NS Webster, MW Taylor
Environmental Microbiology 14 (2), 517-524, 2012
Marine microbial symbiosis heats up: the phylogenetic and functional response of a sponge holobiont to thermal stress
L Fan, M Liu, R Simister, NS Webster, T Thomas
The ISME journal 7 (5), 991-1002, 2013
The sponge microbiome project
L Moitinho-Silva, S Nielsen, A Amir, A Gonzalez, GL Ackermann, ...
Gigascience 6 (10), gix077, 2017
‘Sponge-specific’bacteria are widespread (but rare) in diverse marine environments
MW Taylor, P Tsai, RL Simister, P Deines, E Botte, G Ericson, S Schmitt, ...
The ISME Journal 7 (2), 438-443, 2013
Thermal stress responses in the bacterial biosphere of the Great Barrier Reef sponge, Rhopaloeides odorabile
R Simister, MW Taylor, P Tsai, L Fan, TJ Bruxner, ML Crowe, N Webster
Environmental microbiology 14 (12), 3232-3246, 2012
Same, same but different: symbiotic bacterial associations in GBR sponges
NS Webster, HM Luter, RM Soo, ES Botté, RL Simister, S Whalan
Frontiers in microbiology 3, 38966, 2013
Sponge-microbe associations survive high nutrients and temperatures
R Simister, MW Taylor, P Tsai, N Webster
PLoS One 7 (12), e52220, 2012
In four shallow and mesophotic tropical reef sponges from Guam the microbial community largely depends on host identity
G Steinert, MW Taylor, P Deines, RL Simister, NJ De Voogd, M Hoggard, ...
PeerJ 4, e1936, 2016
Degradation of oil by fungi isolated from Gulf of Mexico beaches
RL Simister, CM Poutasse, AM Thurston, JL Reeve, MC Baker, HK White
Marine pollution bulletin 100 (1), 327-333, 2015
Anoxygenic photosynthesis and the delayed oxygenation of Earth’s atmosphere
K Ozaki, KJ Thompson, RL Simister, SA Crowe, CT Reinhard
Nature communications 10 (1), 3026, 2019
Photoferrotrophy, deposition of banded iron formations, and methane production in Archean oceans
KJ Thompson, PA Kenward, KW Bauer, T Warchola, T Gauger, R Martinez, ...
Science advances 5 (11), eaav2869, 2019
Long-term weathering and continued oxidation of oil residues from the Deepwater Horizon spill
HK White, CH Wang, PL Williams, DM Findley, AM Thurston, RL Simister, ...
Marine pollution bulletin 113 (1-2), 380-386, 2016
Evaluating methods for the preservation and extraction of DNA and RNA for analysis of microbial communities in marine sponges
RL Simister, S Schmitt, MW Taylor
Journal of experimental marine biology and ecology 397 (1), 38-43, 2011
Temporal molecular and isotopic analysis of active bacterial communities in two New Zealand sponges
R Simister, MW Taylor, KM Rogers, PJ Schupp, P Deines
FEMS microbiology ecology 85 (1), 195-205, 2013
Formation of diagenetic siderite in modern ferruginous sediments
A Vuillemin, R Wirth, H Kemnitz, AM Schleicher, A Friese, KW Bauer, ...
Geology 47 (6), 540-544, 2019
The Towuti Drilling Project: paleoenvironments, biological evolution, and geomicrobiology of a tropical Pacific lake
JM Russell, S Bijaksana, H Vogel, M Melles, J Kallmeyer, D Ariztegui, ...
Scientific Drilling 21, 29-40, 2016
Hydro-biogeochemical impacts of fugitive methane on a shallow unconfined aquifer
ON Forde, AG Cahill, KU Mayer, B Mayer, RL Simister, N Finke, SA Crowe, ...
Science of the total environment 690, 1342-1354, 2019
Nutrient acquisition and the metabolic potential of photoferrotrophic Chlorobi
KJ Thompson, RL Simister, AS Hahn, SJ Hallam, SA Crowe
Frontiers in microbiology 8, 1212, 2017
Organic matter mineralization in modern and ancient ferruginous sediments
A Friese, K Bauer, C Glombitza, L Ordoñez, D Ariztegui, VB Heuer, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 2216, 2021
Empowering conventional Rock-Eval pyrolysis for organic matter characterization of the siderite-rich sediments of Lake Towuti (Indonesia) using End-Member Analysis
L Ordoñez, H Vogel, D Sebag, D Ariztegui, T Adatte, JM Russell, ...
Organic Geochemistry 134, 32-44, 2019
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