Steve T Jamison
Steve T Jamison
Spaulding National Running Center / Harvard Medical School
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Knee moments during run-to-cut maneuvers are associated with lateral trunk positioning
ST Jamison, X Pan, AMW Chaudhari
Journal of biomechanics 45 (11), 1881-1885, 2012
Randomized Controlled Trial of the Effects of a Trunk Stabilization Program on Trunk Control and Knee Loading
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Footwear matters: influence of footwear and foot strike on load rates during running
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Hip adductor activations during run-to-cut manoeuvres in compression shorts: implications for return to sport after groin injury
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Visual cognition associated with knee proprioception, time to stability, and sensory integration neural activity after ACL reconstruction
M Chaput, JA Onate, JE Simon, CR Criss, S Jamison, M McNally, ...
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The effect of highly cushioned shoes on tibial acceleration in runners
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Time-to-contact demonstrates modulation of postural control during a dynamic lower extremity task
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Do neuromuscular dentistry–designed mouthguards enhance dynamic movement ability in competitive athletes?
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Relationship of Footstrike Pattern and Landing Impacts During a Marathon Race: 490 Board# 311 May 31 9: 30 AM-11: 00 AM
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Transactions of the Orthopaedic Research Society 34, 1453, 2009
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