Stefan Habelitz
Stefan Habelitz
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Mechanical properties of human dental enamel on the nanometre scale
S Habelitz, SJ Marshall, GW Marshall Jr, M Balooch
Archives of Oral Biology 46 (2), 173-183, 2001
Nanoindentation and storage of teeth
S Habelitz, GW Marshall Jr, M Balooch, SJ Marshall
Journal of biomechanics 35 (7), 995-998, 2002
Glucocorticoid‐treated mice have localized changes in trabecular bone material properties and osteocyte lacunar size that are not observed in placebo‐treated or estrogen …
NE Lane, W Yao, M Balooch, RK Nalla, G Balooch, S Habelitz, JH Kinney, ...
Journal of bone and mineral research 21 (3), 466-476, 2006
In situ atomic force microscopy of partially demineralized human dentin collagen fibrils
S Habelitz, M Balooch, SJ Marshall, G Balooch, GW Marshall Jr
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The importance of intrafibrillar mineralization of collagen on the mechanical properties of dentin
JH Kinney, S Habelitz, SJ Marshall, GW Marshall
Journal of dental research 82 (12), 957-961, 2003
Mechanical properties of mineralized collagen fibrils as influenced by demineralization
M Balooch, S Habelitz, JH Kinney, SJ Marshall, GW Marshall
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Nanomechanical properties of hydrated carious human dentin
GW Marshall, S Habelitz, R Gallagher, M Balooch, G Balooch, ...
Journal of Dental Research 80 (8), 1768-1771, 2001
Biomechanical perspective on the remineralization of dentin
LE Bertassoni, S Habelitz, JH Kinney, SJ Marshall, GW Marshall Jr
Caries research 43 (1), 70-77, 2009
Genome-Wide Transcription Profiling of the Early Phase of Biofilm Formation by Candida albicans
LA Murillo, G Newport, CY Lan, S Habelitz, J Dungan, NM Agabian
Eukaryotic cell 4 (9), 1562-1573, 2005
The fracture behaviour of dental enamel
S Bechtle, S Habelitz, A Klocke, T Fett, GA Schneider
Biomaterials 31 (2), 375-384, 2010
Dental enamel formation and implications for oral health and disease
RS Lacruz, S Habelitz, JT Wright, ML Paine
Physiological reviews 97 (3), 939-993, 2017
Mechanical recovery of dentin following remineralization in vitro—an indentation study
LE Bertassoni, S Habelitz, SJ Marshall, GW Marshall
Journal of biomechanics 44 (1), 176-181, 2011
Dentin caries activity status related to hardness and elasticity
L Zheng, JF Hilton, S Habelitz, SJ Marshall, GW Marshall
European journal of oral sciences 111 (3), 243-252, 2003
The dentin–enamel junction—a natural, multilevel interface
SJ Marshall, M Balooch, S Habelitz, G Balooch, R Gallagher, ...
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 23 (15), 2897-2904, 2003
The functional width of the dentino-enamel junction determined by AFM-based nanoscratching
S Habelitz, SJ Marshall, GW Marshall Jr, M Balooch
Journal of structural biology 135 (3), 294-301, 2001
The effect of a self‐etching primer on the continuous demineralization of dentin
SSA Oliveira, SJ Marshall, S Habelitz, SA Gansky, RS Wilson, ...
European journal of oral sciences 112 (4), 376-383, 2004
Sodium hypochlorite alterations of dentin and dentin collagen
GW Marshall, N Yücel, M Balooch, JH Kinney, S Habelitz, SJ Marshall
Surface Science 491 (3), 444-455, 2001
Functional remineralization of dentin lesions using polymer-induced liquid-precursor process
AK Burwell, T Thula-Mata, LB Gower, S Habeliz, M Kurylo, SP Ho, ...
PloS one 7 (6), e38852, 2012
MEPE is downregulated as dental pulp stem cells differentiate
H Liu, W Li, S Shi, S Habelitz, C Gao, P DenBesten
Archives of Oral Biology 50 (11), 923-928, 2005
Mechanical properties of oriented mica glass ceramic
S Habelitz, G Carl, C Rüssel, S Thiel, U Gerth, JD Schnapp, A Jordanov, ...
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 220 (2-3), 291-298, 1997
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