Maarten Boersma
Maarten Boersma
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Predator-Mediated Plasticity in Morphology, Life History, and Behavior of Daphnia: The Uncoupling of Responses
M Boersma, P Spaak, L De Meester
The American Naturalist 152 (2), 237-248, 1998
Resilience of North Sea phytoplankton spring bloom dynamics: An analysis of long‐term data at Helgoland Roads
KH Wiltshire, AM Malzahn, K Wirtz, W Greve, S Janisch, P Mangelsdorf, ...
Limnology and Oceanography 53 (4), 1294-1302, 2008
Too much of a good thing: on stoichiometrically balanced diets and maximal growth
M Boersma, JJ Elser
Ecology 87 (5), 1325-1330, 2006
Mineral limitation of zooplankton: stoichiometric constraints and optimal foraging
K Plath, M Boersma
Ecology 82 (5), 1260-1269, 2001
Helgoland roads, North Sea: 45 years of change
KH Wiltshire, A Kraberg, I Bartsch, M Boersma, HD Franke, J Freund, ...
Estuaries and coasts 33, 295-310, 2010
Extraction of pigments and fatty acids from the green alga Scenedesmus obliquus (Chlorophyceae)
KH Wiltshire, M Boersma, A Möller, H Buhtz
Aquatic Ecology 34, 119-126, 2000
Complementary impact of copepods and cladocerans on phytoplankton
U Sommer, F Sommer, B Santer, C Jamieson, M Boersma, C Becker, ...
Ecology letters 4 (6), 545-550, 2001
Nutrient limitation of primary producers affects planktivorous fish condition
AM Malzahn, N Aberle, C Clemmesen, M Boersma
Limnology and Oceanography 52 (5), 2062-2071, 2007
Stoichiometry: linking elements to biochemicals
TR Anderson, M Boersma, D Raubenheimer
Ecology 85 (5), 1193-1202, 2004
New trends in marine chemical ecology
A Ianora, M Boersma, R Casotti, A Fontana, J Harder, F Hoffmann, ...
Estuaries and coasts 29, 531-551, 2006
Cascading predation effects of Daphnia and copepods on microbial food web components
E Zöllner, B Santer, M Boersma, HG Hoppe, K Jürgens
Freshwater Biology 48 (12), 2174-2193, 2003
Goldman revisited: Faster‐growing phytoplankton has lower N: P and lower stoichiometric flexibility
H Hillebrand, G Steinert, M Boersma, A Malzahn, CL Meunier, C Plum, ...
Limnology and Oceanography 58 (6), 2076-2088, 2013
Genetic markers, genealogies and biogeographic patterns in the cladocera
K Schwenk, A Sand, M Boersma, M Brehm, E Mader, D Offerhaus, ...
Aquatic Ecology 32, 37-51, 1998
Differential effects of phosphorus and fatty acids on Daphnia magna growth and reproduction
C Becker, M Boersma
Limnology and Oceanography 50 (1), 388-397, 2005
Life at the edge: is food quality really of minor importance at low quantities?
M Boersma, C Kreutzer
Ecology 83 (9), 2552-2561, 2002
Resource quality effects on life histories of Daphnia
C Becker, M Boersma
Limnology and Oceanography 48 (2), 700-706, 2003
Differential effects of nutrient-limited primary production on primary, secondary or tertiary consumers
AM Malzahn, F Hantzsche, KL Schoo, M Boersma, N Aberle
Oecologia 162, 35-48, 2010
The nutritional quality of P‐limited algae for Daphnia
M Boersma
Limnology and Oceanography 45 (5), 1157-1161, 2000
Environmental stress and local adaptation in Daphnia magna
M Boersma, P Spaak, L De Meester
Limnology and Oceanography 44 (2), 393-402, 1999
Nutritional limitation travels up the food chain
M Boersma, N Aberle, FM Hantzsche, KL Schoo, KH Wiltshire, ...
International Review of Hydrobiology 93 (4‐5), 479-488, 2008
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