J C Mahato
J C Mahato
Department of Physics, Institute of Science, Visva-Bharati
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Nanodot to nanowire: A strain-driven shape transition in self-organized endotaxial CoSi2 on Si(100)
JC Mahato, D Das, RR Juluri, R Batabyal, A Roy, PV Satyam, BN Dev
Applied Physics Letters 100 (26), 263117, 2012
Self-organized patterns along sidewalls of iron silicide nanowires on Si(110) and their origin
D Das, JC Mahato, B Bisi, B Satpati, BN Dev
Applied Physics Letters 105 (19), 191606, 2014
First principles electronic structure of coincidence site epitaxial Ag/Si(111) interface
AHM Abdul Wasey, R Batabyal, JC Mahato, BN Dev, Y Kawazoe, GP Das
Physica Status Solidi (b) 250 (7), 1313-1319, 2013
Self-organized one-atom thick fractal nanoclusters via field-induced atomic transport
R Batabyal, JC Mahato, D Das, A Roy, BN Dev
Journal of Applied Physics 114 (6), 2013
Uniformity of epitaxial nanostructures of CoSi2 via defect control of the Si(111) surface
JC Mahato, D Das, A Roy, R Batabyal, RR Juluri, PV Satyam, BN Dev
Thin Solid Films 534, 296-300, 2013
Self-organized trench–island structures in epitaxial cobalt silicide growth on Si(111)
JC Mahato, D Das, R Batabyal, A Roy, BN Dev
Surface Science 620, 23-29, 2014
Unidirectional endotaxial cobalt di-silicide nanowires on Si(110) substrates
JC Mahato, D Das, N Banu, B Satpati, BN Dev
Nanotechnology 28 (42), 425603, 2017
Negative differential resistance in electron tunneling in ultrathin films near the two-dimensional limit
R Batabyal, AHM Abdul Wasey, JC Mahato, D Das, A Roy, GP Das, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 113 (3), 2013
Roughening in Electronic Growth of Ag on Si(111)-(7×7) Surfaces
A Pal, JC Mahato, BN Dev, DK Goswami
ACS applied materials & interfaces 5 (19), 9517-9521, 2013
Lateral straggling and its influence on lateral diffusion in implantation with a focused ion beam
R Batabyal, JC Mahato, A Roy, S Roy, L Bischoff, BN Dev
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2011
Real time investigation of the effect of thermal expansion coefficient mismatch on film-substrate strain partitioning in Ag/Si systems
D Das, N Banu, B Bisi, JC Mahato, V Srihari, R Halder, BN Dev
Journal of Applied Physics 120 (13), 2016
Ag-induced √3 reconstruction on Si(111)/Ge-(5×5) and the surfactant behavior of Ag in further growth of Ge
JC Mahato, D Das, B Bisi, A Pal, BN Dev
Applied Surface Science 356, 249-258, 2015
Desorption of Ag from Grain Boundaries in Ag Film on Br and H‐Passivated Si(111) Surfaces
A Roy, B Sundaravel, R Batabyal, JC Mahato, BN Dev
AIP Conference Proceedings 1349 (1), 691-692, 2011
Sequential growth of self-organized epitaxial FeSi2 and CoSi2 nanostructures on Si (111)-7× 7 surfaces
JC Mahato, D Das, A Pal, P Pal, BN Dev
Applied Surface Science, 151397, 2022
Tuning the length/width aspect ratio of epitaxial unidirectional silicide nanowires on Si(110)-16×2 surfaces
JC Mahato, D Das, P Das, TK Chini, BN Dev
Nano Express 1 (2), 020045, 2020
Evolution of Fermi Level State Density in Ultrathin Films Near the Two Dimensional Limit: Experiment and Theory
R Batabyal, AHM Wasey, JC Mahato, D Das, GP Das, BN Dev
arXiv preprint arXiv:1412.1238, 2014
Early stage fractal growth in thin films below the percolation limit
R Batabyal, JC Mahato, D Das, BN Dev
AIP Conference Proceedings 1512 (1), 740-741, 2013
Effect of dopants in the HTL layer on photovoltaic properties in hybrid perovskite solar cells
RH Sardar, A Bera, S Chattopadhyay, JC Mahato, S Sarraf, AK Basu
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 34 (32), 2138, 2023
Ferromagnetism in Mn and Fe Doped LuN: A Potential Candidate for Spintronic Application
R Sharma, JA Abraham, JC Mahato, SA Dar, V Srivastava
Density Functional Theory-Recent Advances, New Perspectives and Applications, 2022
Silicon nanodots via sputtering of Si (111)-7× 7 surfaces and post-annealing
JC Mahato, D Das, R Batabyal, A Roy, BN Dev
Materials Today: Proceedings 47, 1617-1620, 2021
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