Silvano Fares
Silvano Fares
National Research Council - Institute of BioEconomy
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Physiological responses of forest trees to heat and drought
H Rennenberg, F Loreto, A Polle, F Brilli, S Fares, RS Beniwal, A Gessler
Plant Biology 8 (05), 556-571, 2006
Role of Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds (BVOC) emitted by urban trees on ozone concentration in cities: A review
C Calfapietra, S Fares, F Manes, A Morani, G Sgrigna, F Loreto
Environmental pollution 183, 71-80, 2013
Functional traits of urban trees: air pollution mitigation potential
R Grote, R Samson, R Alonso, JH Amorim, P Cariñanos, G Churkina, ...
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 14 (10), 543-550, 2016
Active atmosphere-ecosystem exchange of the vast majority of detected volatile organic compounds
JH Park, AH Goldstein, J Timkovsky, S Fares, R Weber, J Karlik, ...
Science 341 (6146), 643-647, 2013
The FLUXNET2015 dataset and the ONEFlux processing pipeline for eddy covariance data
G Pastorello, C Trotta, E Canfora, H Chu, D Christianson, YW Cheah, ...
Scientific data 7 (1), 1-27, 2020
Volatile organic compounds from Italian vegetation and their interaction with ozone
C Calfapietra, S Fares, F Loreto
Environmental Pollution 157 (5), 1478-1486, 2009
Ozone fluxes in a Pinus ponderosa ecosystem are dominated by non-stomatal processes: Evidence from long-term continuous measurements
S Fares, M McKay, R Holzinger, AH Goldstein
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 150 (3), 420-431, 2010
Within‐plant isoprene oxidation confirmed by direct emissions of oxidation products methyl vinyl ketone and methacrolein
KJ Jardine, RK Monson, L Abrell, SR Saleska, A Arneth, A Jardine, ...
Global Change Biology 18 (3), 973-984, 2012
Is ozone flux inside leaves only a damage indicator? Clues from volatile isoprenoid studies
F Loreto, S Fares
Plant Physiology 143 (3), 1096-1100, 2007
Tropospheric ozone reduces carbon assimilation in trees: estimates from analysis of continuous flux measurements
S Fares, R Vargas, M Detto, AH Goldstein, J Karlik, E Paoletti, M Vitale
Global Change Biology 19 (8), 2427-2443, 2013
The relationship between isoprene emission rate and dark respiration rate in white poplar (Populus alba L.) leaves
F Loreto, M Centritto, C Barta, C Calfapietra, S Fares, RK Monson
Plant, Cell & Environment 30 (5), 662-669, 2007
Bidirectional exchange of biogenic volatiles with vegetation: emission sources, reactions, breakdown and deposition
Ü Niinemets, S Fares, P Harley, KJ Jardine
Plant, cell & environment 37 (8), 1790-1809, 2014
Impact of high ozone on isoprene emission, photosynthesis and histology of developing Populus alba leaves directly or indirectly exposed to the pollutant
S Fares, C Barta, F Brilli, M Centritto, L Ederli, F Ferranti, S Pasqualini, ...
Physiologia Plantarum 128 (3), 456-465, 2006
Ozone deposition to an orange orchard: Partitioning between stomatal and non-stomatal sinks
S Fares, R Weber, JH Park, D Gentner, J Karlik, AH Goldstein
Environmental Pollution 169, 258-266, 2012
Atmospheric benzenoid emissions from plants rival those from fossil fuels
PK Misztal, CN Hewitt, J Wildt, JD Blande, ASD Eller, S Fares, ...
Scientific reports 5 (1), 1-10, 2015
Concentrations and fluxes of biogenic volatile organic compounds above a Mediterranean macchia ecosystem in western Italy
B Davison, R Taipale, B Langford, P Misztal, S Fares, G Matteucci, ...
Biogeosciences 6 (8), 1655-1670, 2009
Simultaneous measurements of above and below canopy ozone fluxes help partitioning ozone deposition between its various sinks in a Mediterranean Oak Forest
S Fares, F Savi, J Muller, G Matteucci, E Paoletti
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 198, 181-191, 2014
Stomatal uptake and stomatal deposition of ozone in isoprene and monoterpene emitting plants
S Fares, F Loreto, E Kleist, J Wildt
Plant Biology 9 (S 01), e69-e78, 2007
Sustainability: Five steps for managing Europe's forests
S Fares, GS Mugnozza, P Corona, M Palahí
Nature News 519 (7544), 407, 2015
Impacts of air pollution on human and ecosystem health, and implications for the National Emission Ceilings Directive: Insights from Italy
A De Marco, C Proietti, A Anav, L Ciancarella, I D'Elia, S Fares, ...
Environment international 125, 320-333, 2019
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