Ajay Kumar Bhardwaj
Ajay Kumar Bhardwaj
Principal Scientist @ ICAR-Central Soil Salinity Research Institute
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Water retention and hydraulic conductivity of cross-linked polyacrylamides in sandy soils
AK Bhardwaj, I Shainberg, D Goldstein, DN Warrington, G J Levy
Soil Science Society of America Journal 71 (2), 406-412, 2007
Evaluating impact of irrigation water quality on a calcareous clay soil using principal component analysis
UK Mandal, DN Warrington, AK Bhardwaj, A Bar-Tal, L Kautsky, D Minz, ...
Geoderma 144 (1-2), 189-197, 2008
Ecological management of intensively cropped agro-ecosystems improves soil quality with sustained productivity
AK Bhardwaj, P Jasrotia, SK Hamilton, GP Robertson
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 140 (3-4), 419-429, 2011
Primary particle size distribution of eroded material affected by degree of aggregate slaking and seal development
DN Warrington, AI Mamedov, AK Bhardwaj, GJ Levy
European Journal of Soil Science 60 (1), 84-93, 2009
Changes in soil hydraulic conductivity, runoff, and soil loss due to irrigation with different types of saline–sodic water
UK Mandal, AK Bhardwaj, DN Warrington, D Goldstein, AB Tal, GJ Levy
Geoderma 144 (3-4), 509-516, 2008
Nitrogen fertilization challenges the climate benefit of cellulosic biofuels
L Ruan, AK Bhardwaj, SK Hamilton, GP Robertson
Environmental Research Letters 11 (6), 064007, 2016
Irrigation with treated wastewater under two different irrigation methods: Effects on hydraulic conductivity of a clay soil
AK Bhardwaj, D Goldstein, A Azenkot, GJ Levy
Geoderma 140 (1-2), 199-206, 2007
Comparative water use by maize, perennial crops, restored prairie, and poplar trees in the US Midwest
SK Hamilton, MZ Hussain, AK Bhardwaj, B Basso, GP Robertson
Environmental Research Letters 10 (6), 064015, 2015
Water and energy footprints of bioenergy crop production on marginal lands
AK Bhardwaj, T Zenone, P Jasrotia, GP Robertson, J Chen, SK Hamilton
Global Change Biology Bioenergy 3 (3), 208-222, 2011
Bacterial endophyte mediated plant tolerance to salinity: growth responses and mechanisms of action
P Kushwaha, PL Kashyap, AK Bhardwaj, P Kuppusamy, AK Srivastava, ...
World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 36, 1-16, 2020
CO2 fluxes of transitional bioenergy crops: effect of land conversion during the first year of cultivation
T Zenone, J Chen, MW Deal, B Wilske, P Jasrotia, J Xu, AK Bhardwaj, ...
Global Change Biology Bioenergy 3 (5), 401-412, 2011
Replacing saline–sodic irrigation water with treated wastewater: effects on saturated hydraulic conductivity, slaking, and swelling
AK Bhardwaj, UK Mandal, A Bar-Tal, A Gilboa, GJ Levy
Irrigation Science 26, 139-146, 2008
Impact of carbon inputs on soil carbon fractionation, sequestration and biological responses under major nutrient management practices for rice-wheat cropping systems
AK Bhardwaj, D Rajwar, UK Mandal, S Ahamad, B Kaphaliya, PS Minhas, ...
Scientific Reports, 2019
Scope and applications of nanotechnology for wheat production: A review of recent advances
P Jasrotia, PL Kashyap, AK Bhardwaj, S Kumar, GP Singh
Wheat Barley Res 10 (1), 1-14, 2018
Nitrate leaching from continuous corn, perennial grasses, and poplar in the US Midwest
MZ Hussain, AK Bhardwaj, B Basso, GP Robertson, SK Hamilton
Journal of Environmental Quality 48 (6), 1849-1855, 2019
Effect of rice (Oryza sativa)-establishment methods, tillage practices in wheat (Triticum aestivum) and fertilization on soil physical properties and rice-wheat system …
Y Singh, AK Bhardwaj, SP Singh, RK Singh, DC Chaudhary, A Saxena, ...
Indian Council of Agricutural Research, 2014
Soil salinity and land use-land cover interactions with soil carbon in a salt affected irrigation canal command of Indo-Gangetic plain
AK Bhardwaj, VK Mishra, AK Singh, S Arora, S Srivastava, YP Singh, ...
Catena 180, 392-400, 2019
Depositional seals in polyacrylamide-amended soils of varying clay mineralogy and texture
AK Bhardwaj, RA McLaughlin, GJ Levy
Journal of Soils and Sediments 10, 494-504, 2010
Simple polyacrylamide dosing systems for turbidity reduction in stilling basins
AK Bhardwaj, RA McLaughlin
Transactions of the ASABE 51 (5), 1653-1662, 2008
Hydraulic characteristics of depositional seals as affected by exchangeable cations, clay mineralogy, and polyacrylamide
AK Bhardwaj, RA McLaughlin, I Shainberg, GJ Levy
Soil Science Society of America Journal 73 (3), 910-918, 2009
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