Donguk Nam
Donguk Nam
Assistant Professor, EEE, Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
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Direct bandgap germanium-on-silicon inferred from 5.7%〈 100〉 uniaxial tensile strain
DS Sukhdeo, D Nam, JH Kang, ML Brongersma, KC Saraswat
Photonics Research 2 (3), A8-A13, 2014
Low-threshold optically pumped lasing in highly strained germanium nanowires
S Bao, D Kim, C Onwukaeme, S Gupta, K Saraswat, KH Lee, Y Kim, D Min, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 1-7, 2017
Strained germanium thin film membrane on silicon substrate for optoelectronics
D Nam, D Sukhdeo, A Roy, K Balram, SL Cheng, KCY Huang, Z Yuan, ...
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Strain-induced pseudoheterostructure nanowires confining carriers at room temperature with nanoscale-tunable band profiles
D Nam, DS Sukhdeo, JH Kang, J Petykiewicz, JH Lee, WS Jung, ...
Nano letters 13 (7), 3118-3123, 2013
Roadmap to an efficient germanium-on-silicon laser: strain vs. n-type doping
B Dutt, DS Sukhdeo, D Nam, BM Vulovic, Z Yuan, KC Saraswat
IEEE Photonics Journal 4 (5), 2002-2009, 2012
Electroluminescence from strained germanium membranes and implications for an efficient Si-compatible laser
D Nam, D Sukhdeo, SL Cheng, A Roy, K Chih-Yao Huang, M Brongersma, ...
Applied physics letters 100 (13), 131112, 2012
Direct bandgap light emission from strained germanium nanowires coupled with high-Q nanophotonic cavities
J Petykiewicz, D Nam, DS Sukhdeo, S Gupta, S Buckley, AY Piggott, ...
Nano letters 16 (4), 2168-2173, 2016
Theoretical analysis of GeSn alloys as a gain medium for a Si-compatible laser
B Dutt, H Lin, DS Sukhdeo, BM Vulovic, S Gupta, D Nam, KC Saraswat, ...
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Monolithic infrared silicon photonics: the rise of (Si) GeSn semiconductors
O Moutanabbir, S Assali, X Gong, E O'Reilly, CA Broderick, B Marzban, ...
Applied Physics Letters 118 (11), 110502, 2021
Study of carrier statistics in uniaxially strained Ge for a low-threshold Ge laser
D Nam, DS Sukhdeo, S Gupta, JH Kang, ML Brongersma, KC Saraswat
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 20 (4), 16-22, 2013
Fluorine passivation of vacancy defects in bulk germanium for Ge metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor application
WS Jung, JH Park, A Nainani, D Nam, KC Saraswat
Applied Physics Letters 101 (7), 072104, 2012
Observation of improved minority carrier lifetimes in high-quality Ge-on-insulator using time-resolved photoluminescence
D Nam, JH Kang, ML Brongersma, KC Saraswat
Optics letters 39 (21), 6205-6208, 2014
Resonant nanostructures for highly confined and ultra-sensitive surface phonon-polaritons
AM Dubrovkin, B Qiang, T Salim, D Nam, NI Zheludev, QJ Wang
Nature communications 11 (1), 1-7, 2020
Bandgap-customizable germanium using lithographically determined biaxial tensile strain for silicon-compatible optoelectronics
DS Sukhdeo, D Nam, JH Kang, ML Brongersma, KC Saraswat
Optics Express 23 (13), 16740-16749, 2015
Monolithic integration of germanium-on-insulator pin photodetector on silicon
JH Nam, F Afshinmanesh, D Nam, WS Jung, TI Kamins, ML Brongersma, ...
Optics Express 23 (12), 15816-15823, 2015
Room temperature lasing unraveled by a strong resonance between gain and parasitic absorption in uniaxially strained germanium
S Gupta, D Nam, J Vuckovic, K Saraswat
Physical Review B 97 (15), 155127, 2018
Strained germanium nanowire optoelectronic devices for photonic-integrated circuits
Z Qi, H Sun, M Luo, Y Jung, D Nam
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 30 (33), 334004, 2018
Impact of minority carrier lifetime on the performance of strained germanium light sources
DS Sukhdeo, S Gupta, KC Saraswat, BR Dutt, D Nam
Optics Communications 364, 233-237, 2016
1D photonic crystal direct bandgap GeSn-on-insulator laser
HJ Joo, Y Kim, D Burt, Y Jung, L Zhang, M Chen, SJ Parluhutan, DH Kang, ...
Applied Physics Letters 119 (20), 201101, 2021
Theoretical modeling for the interaction of tin alloying with n-type doping and tensile strain for GeSn lasers
D Sukhdeo, Y Kim, S Gupta, K Saraswat, B Dutt, D Nam
IEEE Electron Device Letters 37 (10), 1307-1310, 2016
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