Wolfgang Rössler
Wolfgang Rössler
Professor and Head Zoology II, University of Würzburg, Germany
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A systematic nomenclature for the insect brain
K Ito, K Shinomiya, M Ito, JD Armstrong, G Boyan, V Hartenstein, ...
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Parallel olfactory systems in insects: anatomy and function
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Synaptic organization in the adult honey bee brain is influenced by brood-temperature control during pupal development
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Long-term memory leads to synaptic reorganization in the mushroom bodies: a memory trace in the insect brain?
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Development of a glia-rich axon-sorting zone in the olfactory pathway of the moth Manduca sexta
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The geomagnetic field is a compass cue in Cataglyphis ant navigation
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Environment-and age-dependent plasticity of synaptic complexes in the mushroom bodies of honeybee queens
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F‐actin at identified synapses in the mushroom body neuropil of the insect brain
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Ontogeny of learning walks and the acquisition of landmark information in desert ants, Cataglyphis fortis
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A macroglomerulus in the antennal lobe of leaf-cutting ant workers and its possible functional significance
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Parallel processing via a dual olfactory pathway in the honeybee
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Comparison of microglomerular structures in the mushroom body calyx of neopteran insects
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Caste-and sex-specific adaptations within the olfactory pathway in the brain of the ant Camponotus floridanus
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Arthropod structure & development 37 (6), 469-479, 2008
Long-term avoidance memory formation is associated with a transient increase in mushroom body synaptic complexes in leaf-cutting ants
A Falibene, F Roces, W Rössler
Frontiers in behavioral neuroscience 9, 84, 2015
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