Mounir Ghogho
Mounir Ghogho
Université Internationale de Rabat (Morocco)
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Deep learning approach for network intrusion detection in software defined networking
TA Tang, L Mhamdi, D McLernon, SAR Zaidi, M Ghogho
2016 International Conference on Wireless Networks and Mobile Communications …, 2016
Channel estimation and symbol detection for block transmission using data-dependent superimposed training
M Ghogho, D McLernon, E Alameda-Hernandez, A Swami
IEEE signal processing letters 12 (3), 226-229, 2005
Secure communication via sending artificial noise by the receiver: Outage secrecy capacity/region analysis
W Li, M Ghogho, B Chen, C Xiong
IEEE Communications Letters 16 (10), 1628-1631, 2012
Optimized null-subcarrier selection for CFO estimation in OFDM over frequency-selective fading channels
M Ghogho, A Swami, GB Giannakis
GLOBECOM'01. IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference (Cat. No. 01CH37270 …, 2001
Outage probability based power distribution between data and artificial noise for physical layer security
N Romero-Zurita, M Ghogho, D McLernon
IEEE Signal Processing Letters 19 (2), 71-74, 2011
Training design for multipath channel and frequency-offset estimation in MIMO systems
M Ghogho, A Swami
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Joint carrier frequency offset and channel estimation for OFDM systems via the EM algorithm in the presence of very high mobility
EP Simon, L Ros, H Hijazi, M Ghogho
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 60 (2), 754-765, 2011
A joint TOA/AOA constrained minimization method for locating wireless devices in non-line-of-sight environment
S Al-Jazzar, M Ghogho, D McLernon
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Parameter estimation for random amplitude chirp signals
O Besson, M Ghogho, A Swami
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On the joint estimation of the RSS-based location and path-loss exponent
N Salman, M Ghogho, AH Kemp
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Frequency estimation in the presence of Doppler spread: performance analysis
M Ghogho, A Swami, TS Durrani
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 49 (4), 777-789, 2001
Blind frequency-offset estimator for OFDM systems transmitting constant-modulus symbols
M Ghogho, A Swami
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Practical timing and frequency synchronization for OFDM-based cooperative systems
Q Huang, M Ghogho, J Wei, P Ciblat
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Estimation of directions of arrival of multiple scattered sources
M Ghogho, O Besson, A Swami
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Cramer-Rao bounds and maximum likelihood estimation for random amplitude phase-modulated signals
M Ghogho, AK Nandi, A Swami
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 47 (11), 2905-2916, 1999
Physical-layer secrecy of MIMO communications in the presence of a Poisson random field of eavesdroppers
M Ghogho, A Swami
2011 IEEE International Conference on Communications Workshops (ICC), 1-5, 2011
Optimized low complexity sensor node positioning in wireless sensor networks
N Salman, M Ghogho, AH Kemp
IEEE Sensors Journal 14 (1), 39-46, 2013
PHY layer security based on protected zone and artificial noise
N Romero-Zurita, D McLernon, M Ghogho, A Swami
IEEE Signal Processing Letters 20 (5), 487-490, 2013
The η− μ/IG distribution: A novel physical multipath/shadowing fading model
PC Sofotasios, TA Tsiftsis, M Ghogho, LR Wilhelmsson, M Valkama
2013 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), 5715-5719, 2013
Ballistic missile detection via micro-Doppler frequency estimation from radar return
L Liu, D McLernon, M Ghogho, W Hu, J Huang
Digital Signal Processing 22 (1), 87-95, 2012
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