Dr. Mariano L.M. Heyden
Dr. Mariano L.M. Heyden
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Rethinking ‘top‐down’and ‘bottom‐up’roles of top and middle managers in organizational change: Implications for employee support
MLM Heyden, SPL Fourné, BAS Koene, R Werkman, S Ansari
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The conjoint influence of top and middle management characteristics on management innovation
MLM Heyden, JS Sidhu, HW Volberda
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S van Doorn, MLM Heyden, HW Volberda
Long Range Planning 50 (2), 134-144, 2017
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MLM Heyden, S Van Doorn, M Reimer, FAJ Van Den Bosch, ...
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Innovating beyond the horizon: CEO career horizon, top management composition, and R&D intensity
MLM Heyden, M Reimer, S Van Doorn
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Four decades of CEO–TMT interface research: A review inspired by role theory
D Georgakakis, MLM Heyden, JDR Oehmichen, UIK Ekanayake
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Unpacking functional experience complementarities in senior leaders’ influences on CSR strategy: A CEO–Top management team approach
M Reimer, S Van Doorn, MLM Heyden
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Boards of directors and organizational ambidexterity in knowledge-intensive firms
J Oehmichen, MLM Heyden, D Georgakakis, HW Volberda
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Structural and contextual approaches to ambidexterity: A meta-analysis of organizational and environmental contingencies
SPL Fourné, N Rosenbusch, MLM Heyden, JJP Jansen
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Board background heterogeneity and exploration‐exploitation: The role of the institutionally adopted board model
MLM Heyden, J Oehmichen, S Nichting, HW Volberda
Global Strategy Journal 5 (2), 154-176, 2015
Navigating crisis from the backseat? How top managers can support radical change initiatives by middle managers
MLM Heyden, R Wilden, C Wise
Industrial Marketing Management 88, 305-313, 2020
Coming home and (not) moving in? Examining reshoring firms’ subnational location choices in the United States
S Rasel, I Abdulhak, P Kalfadellis, MLM Heyden
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External corporate governance and strategic investment behaviors of target CEOs
MLM Heyden, N Kavadis, Q Neuman
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Entrepreneurial orientation and performance: Investigating local requirements for entrepreneurial decision-making
S Van Doorn, M Heyden, C Tröster, H Volberda
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Experience maketh the mind? Top management teams’ experiential background and cognitive search for adaptive solutions
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Managers and management control systems in the strategy process
M Reimer, S Van Doorn, MLM Heyden
Journal of Management Control 27, 121-127, 2016
Essays on upper echelons & strategic renewal: A multilevel contingency approach
M Heyden
Paradoxical transparency? Capital market responses to exploration and exploitation disclosure
L Matthews, MLM Heyden, D Zhou
Research Policy 51 (1), 104396, 2022
Internal and external interfaces of the executive suite: Advancing research on the porous bounds of strategic leadership
S Van Doorn, MLM Heyden, M Reimer, T Buyl, HW Volberda
Long Range Planning 55 (3), 102214, 2022
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